Google cloud free

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Google cloud free

Google cloud free, Google Cloud Platform is the solution for cloud computing, offered by the leader in search engines, a space where in addition to servers, it includes more than 90 services that have contributed to the success of the brand and that can help your business to grow .

Google cloud free
Google cloud free

As we already know, Gartner is the authority to determine who is who in technological matters, and in this case GCP in conjunction with AWS and Azure, is one of the leaders .

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Gartner gcp

Google cloud free

What this institution points out among its strengths are its contributions to Open Source such as Kubernetes and Tensorflow, which ultimately changed the world of IT. Another highlight is the tools it has for Big Data and data science.

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Google Cloud has:

    25 regions

    76 Availability Zones

    144 network edge locations

    And it’s available in more than 200 countries and territories

    Security and compliance certifications in terms of data protection

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Google Cloud Platform is a set of development, artificial intelligence, analytics, storage, database and security services that can be used on demand according to the needs of companies.

Some of the most important services are:

    Compute Engine. Virtual servers where the software is run.

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    Cloud Storage. Storage of files, data, documents.

    Kubernetes Engine. The leading containerization platform in the market.

    Cloud SQL for databases.

    Auto ML. It is a set of pre-made artificial intelligence services.

    Dialog Flow. The Chatbots Training Tool and Your NLP

    Big Query. It is a warehouse for large volumes of data.

    Apigee for the development and management of Apis.

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    APP Engine. A platform for serverless applications with a set of tools for their development.

    SQL Server on GCP.

    VMWare Engine.

Google Cloud Platform

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It is also the ability to modernize applications and optimize the performance of solutions such as SAP, relational and non-relational databases, VMWARE, Odoo, Netsuite and Oracle.

It also includes tools that can help customers on their way through GCP, for example, an architecture framework that helps to find the right design and that meets the security requirements that the business needs.

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How much does Google Cloud Platform cost?

Google Cloud is just like the other clouds under demand schemes, that is, month by month consumption varies according to the applications, users, storage and all the services are used.

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But unlike other clouds, GCP analyzes how much computing power is used, storage, queries, etc. And in this way, the charge is made per minute or per second making discounts when the volume of users exceeds a certain (excessive) limit.

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