Good morning positive thoughts

por | 30 agosto, 2021

Good morning positive thoughts

It is about transforming the expressions we use when we see the glass half empty to try to see it half full.

For example, if you have made a major mistake in your life, you could refer to it by saying “this mistake has made me totally fail.” But you could also say “thanks to this mistake I am going to learn many valuable things ” .

 As you can see, what you feel with each of these expressions is totally different.

Good morning positive thoughts

3. Remove Iron.

We have an incredible tendency to exaggeration and drama that does us no good.

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I am referring to the use of expressions such as “it is impossible”, “it is unbearable”, “this has no solution”, “I will never get over it”, and so on. that just by listening to them make a knot appear in our stomach.

Let’s be honest , isn’t it that we’re exaggerating a bit and making the thing even worse than it is?

Let’s try using more realistic and less radical phrases like. “This is a bit complicated”, “it is somewhat uncomfortable”, “to solve it I will have to go little by little” or “to overcome it will take me some time”, are less harsh expressions; that by saying them like this, they will not generate such negative emotions in us.

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4. Get rid of Obligations.

Another very important part of the stress that we generate on ourselves comes from all the obligations that we impose on ourselves.

 Some of them are “I have to….” or “should … ” if we change them to “I want …” or “I would like to …” automatically disappears the context of obligation that generates resistance and one of desire or aspiration arises, of totally positive motivation.

5. Create your own “Mantras” to calm and motivate yourself.

Find the words or phrases that have special power over you. The important thing is that they bring you to a state of calm and inner strength.

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To inspire yourself, imagine that you are trying to cheer up a friend who is not having a good time, what would you say?

For example, I use phrases like: “I allow myself to enjoy this day”, “I’m fine and I’ll be better”, “I have everything to be happy” , etc.

I use them as mantras that I repeat to myself for some time and change them when I see that my mind has gotten used to them and they have stopped having the same positive influence.

6. Read and memorize motivational phrases that you like.

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In this article you have a lot of phrases to choose yours. You can print them and place them around your house; in the bathroom mirror, in your agenda, in your table drawer, etc.

The idea is that throughout the day you will find them and when you read them you will reassure yourself and focus on your goals.

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In short, carefully choose the words you use with yourself, speak to yourself with respect and affection, use phrases that motivate you and help you overcome yourself, because words are a powerful tool to change our minds and our lives.

 And remember: “He who can change his thoughts can change his destiny”

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