Funny positive quotes

por | 30 agosto, 2021

Funny positive quotes

    Stay where your heart feels peace.

    Life is full of gifts VALUE THEM!

    Positive thoughts build positive lives.

    You have thousands of reasons to be happy.


 Power of positivity quotes

    That which you do not understand has a greater purpose than what you imagine.

    Decide to be okay and everything in your life will start to change.

    This moment will not be repeated!

Funny positive quotes
Funny positive quotes

Why is it important to speak positively?

We are not aware of the great effect that our words have on our mind; and consequently on our emotions and our state of mind.

That is why we are not usually careful about the things we say to ourselves , without knowing that these words will influence how we feel.

 Positive quotes mental health

    Words, both negative and positive, have consequences on our brain and can modify it.

The main nucleus of control of emotions and feelings of our brain is in the amygdala.

Funny positive quotes
Funny positive quotes

Negative words or insults activate this almond-shaped structure, placing us in a state of alert and discomfort.

On the contrary, positive words go directly to the right hemisphere of our brain, the one in charge of emotions, generating a pleasant feeling of peace and relaxation.

Positive quotes god

Experts say that hearing the word “no” at the beginning of any sentence has the ability to block us, while hearing the word “yes” makes our brain begin to release dopamine; which is the hormone of motivation and reward.

You will be with me that all these reasons are enough to be very careful with our thoughts, but also with what we read or hear; because all this will determine to a great extent how we feel and therefore; our degree of happiness.

Funny positive quotes
Funny positive quotes

The good news is that we can take advantage of “the power of words” , learn to use them to calm us down, motivate ourselves or enhance our abilities.

How to take care of yourself through words

1. Avoid Self-criticism, better Positive and Motivational Phrases

How many times a day do you have some of these thoughts? “I’m stupid”, “I’m never going to achieve it”, “I don’t deserve it”, “I’m not capable”, “I can’t”, “It’s very difficult”, and so on.

If we think about it carefully, we realize how many times we say similar phrases to ourselves. Now that you are aware of the damage it does to you, avoid it.


Positive quotes christian

What you say to yourself influences your self-esteem and the decisions you make. By saying these things to yourself, you only get blocked, discouraged and surely have an anxiety response.

In the same way, the loving words, the phrases of encouragement and encouragement used in a continuous way, awaken in us the motivation necessary not to give up, to continue until we achieve our goals.

2. Eliminate the word “no” from your vocabulary.

Positive quotes good night

To avoid the blockage we feel when we hear “NO”, formulate your sentences in positive terms .

For example: “I am not going to give up” we would change it to ACHIEVE IT” , “I don’t want to feel bad” for “I WILL “I WANT TO FEEL GOOD” and so we can do it, looking for an expression full of positivity that makes us feel better.

This formula is always applicable because no matter how bad the situation is, the way we refer to it can make us feel better or worse.

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