Funny sayings

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Funny sayings

    Funny sayings, Excuse me, you are so handsome that I forgot what I was going to say.

    I don’t know if I’m your type, but do you think we give ourselves a chance to find out?

Funny sayings
Funny sayings

    I do not have the fault that you like me. In any case, the fault is yours for having everything that I love.

    Can I borrow a dictionary? It is that when I see you I am speechless.

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    Sorry, do you know if we have a friend in common who can introduce us?

    Tell me your name? It’s just that I dreamed of you last night, but I woke up just when you were about to tell me.

    I didn’t believe in love at first sight until you’ve walked in here.

Funny sayings

    I will not answer that question without my attorney… I fear I will lose my judgment for you.

    I don’t normally open up with people like that… your effect on me is strange.

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    I hope you dream of the little angels, because there are few of us left.

    For a moment I believed that I had died and entered heaven. But now I see that I am alive, and heaven has come to me.

    Do I study or work for you?

Funny phrases to flirt – Original phrases to flirt

Bold phrases to flirt

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If you are a daring person, try these phrases to flirt:

    Who was the stick of that ice cream that you run with your tongue.

    If you put the rabbit and I put the rice, what a good paella we could both make.

    Pretty! I don’t work in Seur but here I bring you a package.

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    If he called me Cupid he would stick the whole arrow into you.

    If being sexy was a crime, you would spend your life in jail.

    I don’t know how to kiss, could you teach me?

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    For temptations like you, there are so many sinners like me.

    I would love to see you without makeup every morning of my life.

    Could you tell me your name? It’s that yesterday I dreamed of you, but I woke up just when you were going to tell me.

    If I had to give you something I would give you a mirror, because after you the most beautiful is your reflection.

    Hello. I heard your body call to me from across the room.

    Are you from (the city where you live)? It shows by the way you are dressed, everything matches perfectly.

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    You have something on your face … The most beautiful smile in the world!

    If Columbus saw you he would say: Santa Maria! What does that girl look like?

    I need to get some practice kissing, can you help me?

    Since when do flowers walk, it has two arms and two legs?

    We know each other? I think I have seen you in one of my dreams.

    Hello, is your name Google? Because you have everything I need.

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    When I’m with you I don’t need a plane, because your lips make me travel to the most beautiful corners of the planet.

    I know I’m not Mick Jagger, but I also like rock and I can make a really good Spanish omelette.

    But how is it possible for a star to be level with the ground?

    Go in the shade that the chocolates in the sun melt.

Funny phrases to flirt – Daring phrases to flirt

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