Funny comment

por | 24 diciembre, 2021

Funny comment

Funny comment, Or of those typical phrases of our mothers and grandmothers that we have made ours.

Even those taken from movies, books or authors and that help us to feel identified and understood for a moment.

Funny comment
Funny comment

We all have a catchphrase. The one that we like to carry everywhere: on the mobile, on the computer, in a mug, a bracelet …

Funny comment

Do you want to discover with us some of the ones we like the most? Here we leave you a selection of positive and funny phrases to brighten your day.

    Use the power of words to liven up your day, raise your self-esteem and feel strong in the face of a new challenge

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The good thing if brief twice good. Or so they say. So how about we start with short positive phrases?

In most cases you don’t need a great speech to motivate someone, or to lift their spirits. Simply say or show the keywords to make life different.

Surely it has happened to you with a song or a phrase that you have seen written on social networks.

Do we see some of these short positive phrases?

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    Where one door closes, another opens. Don Quixote de la Mancha, by Miguel de Cervantes

In life there are always going to be opportunities and others are going to appear. The only thing that matters is being able to focus on those that are coming, not those that are leaving. Only then will we move forward.

    Fall in love with your existence. Jack Kerouac

Another of the positive phrases of life that we would like to highlight is this. And it is that many times we do not prioritize ourselves. Which is a mistake. So fall in love with yourself and take care of yourself.

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