Wednesday evening quotes

por | 10 enero, 2023

Wednesday evening quotes

It is always better to wake up in a good mood. If you have a group of friends on WhatsApp (or any social network) and you want them to wake up with a laugh, you can always share one of these phrases.

1I don’t want to bother you, but I just wanted to drop by to wish you good morning.

Wednesday evening quotes
Wednesday evening quotes

2My goodness, what time it is and I without saying good morning to you!

3 I have already woken up, although the body seems not to have done so yet.

Hello wednesday quotes

4Good morning! And if they aren’t already, have your cup of coffee.

5Good morning and remember that we are in the age of the frog: we do what we want.

6Good morning, today I woke up with my batteries on! Too bad they’re downloaded…

8May these good days not remain in the phone’s memory, but in yours.

9Good morning (to all who are awake).

Wednesday quotes motivation

10A coffee and a smile, and to live life without haste.

11Good morning, and may we never lack faith, coffee and love.

12Good morning, and remember that a smile is the best passport to success.

Hello wednesday quotes
Hello wednesday quotes

13From here I give you a virtual hug to face the new day.

14I know it’s hard, but say goodbye to the sheets and hello to the new day.

Happy wednesday motivational quotes

15Good morning, and in case we don’t see each other, good afternoon and good night.

16The time does not matter, the important thing is to say good morning.

17Good morning! Do you get up or do I need to crow like a rooster?

18 You are like a coffee pot: you fill my mornings.

Wednesday gym quotes

19Good morning, run to your dreams! If you don’t reach them at least you do sports.

20Good morning, may the force (and coffee) be with you.

21Nothing better than 50 push-ups when you wake up to start in a good mood. Try it!

Happy wednesday motivational quotes
Happy wednesday motivational quotes

22Good morning, and memorize the lesson: debauchery nights, Ibuprofen mornings.

23Good morning, you have 24 hours to remember the party you had yesterday.

24This is my good morning message: wake up lazy!

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