Tumblr quotes with pictures

por | 2 octubre, 2020

Tumblr quotes with pictures  I was just passing by to wish you a good afternoon, my life.
I want you to know that the day gets shorter if I think about being with you.
I send you a good afternoon kiss. Enjoy your day.
You can do many productive things. Take advantage of the afternoon and be happy.
I count the minutes for it to get dark and be with you.

Tumblr quotes with pictures

Tumblr quotes with pictures
Tumblr quotes with pictures

I wish to have the afternoon free to kiss us madly.
Good afternoon, love, I stopped by to kiss you and remind you that you are the best thing in my life.Tumblr quotes with pictures
I hope this is one of the best afternoons of the week. Let’s go, you can do it.
I just want you to have a quiet afternoon so I can enjoy a whole night together.
During the day I love you and in the afternoon I want you.

Tumblr quotes pictures

Good afternoon, my life, thanks for existing.
I would spend a thousand and one afternoons with you. I would never tire of looking at you.
We can’t spend the afternoon together, but don’t worry, I always have you in my thoughts.
Good afternoon precious, is it a good time to steal your work?

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Evenings without you are much more boring. Enjoy your afternoon, I love you!

Although in my life you are a dream, in my dreams you are a reality.
I can’t find a better way to sleep than being with you.Tumblr quotes with pictures
The best time of day is when I’m by your side at night.
I always sleep with one eye open to take care of you while you sleep.
Dreaming by your side makes my dreams sweeter.

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If you are cold when sleeping, do not worry, I will give you hugs to give you warmth.
I wait impatiently for bedtime, because the day is long and your absence is my pain.
Good night is much more beautiful if I’m by your side.
Dreaming about you and dreaming by your side will always be a good night.

Tumblr quotes smile

End the day and caress you saying good night in my ear my love.
Although the night has come and I have to close my eyes, I don’t care, because I will see you in my dreams.
Good night my love, I hope you rest and have sweet dreams.
Have sweet dreams, my dear, tomorrow a new day awaits us to continue loving us.Tumblr quotes with pictures
Do you want to know what my wish is? That you dream of me tonight. Goodnight My Love!
Not even dreams can separate us. I love you, honey.

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