Tumblr quotes god

por | 1 octubre, 2020

Tumblr quotes god , The moon is more beautiful today than ever, even she prepared to give us a magical night.
There are no words that can express what I feel for you, so I better show you with actions.
There is nothing more beautiful than true, sincere, disinterested and loyal love.
I want to spend my whole life exploring your body, getting to know your most hidden corners.
I love you because when I was about to fall you came and gave me your life-saving hand.
You exist, and that is the main reason to love you.

Tumblr quotes god

I would lie to you if I told you that I am not hopelessly in love with you.
Your love refreshes me just like a refreshing drink in the middle of summer.
One day, without waiting for it and without wishing it, love arrived and painted my life in colors.

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Tumblr quotes god
Tumblr quotes god

If it causes suffering and tears then it is not love.
May your life have enough love for you to distribute a little to the rest of the world.
I definitely do not love you, what I feel is much more than that, it is true love.
Love is always accompanied by a good dose of madness.
Love is sharing your favorite food with another person, even if it means that you will eat less.
Love does not die if we water it daily with small actions.

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Accept someone in your life only when you are ready to truly love.
Sometimes love also means knowing how to let go.
The nights that you are not by my side, I fall asleep imagining that your arms protect me.
When love is real, age, sex, height, or weight don’t matter.
My brain associates the word love with your name.
Together we can be invincible and it is that you, me, God and our love, form an unbreakable bond.
I love you because no one has ever made as many sacrifices for me as you have.

Last night I gave each star a reason why I love you. I missed night. And stars.
You and I are soulmates when we melt into a deep kiss. What happens in the rest of the world remains in memory.

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What a great joy it would be if you were in my life until the end of my days.
Time and absence are nothing if I compare them with the happiness that gives me a moment with you.
Love is a miracle. So I say that you were a miracle come down from heaven.
It is true that love has no cure. But it is also true that you are the person who is capable of curing all my ills.
What a great truth that they say that love has no age. I was born, grew up and lived in love with you

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