Positive quotes for men

por | 31 agosto, 2021

Positive quotes for men

    Motivation makes us start the road, but it is our courage that keeps us on it.

    You are not weak or cowardly because you lack courage, but if you give in to fear.

    Let hope guide your first step and you will be sure to take the second.

Positive quotes for men
Positive quotes for men

    If something binds you, then leave it, you are not there because you want to, it is because you are obliged.

    Do not forget that our heart knows what we need, do not ignore it.

Reflections and phrases for life

In the course of life we ​​will have ups and downs that is why we must learn to maintain our discipline to be able to move forward, remember that after the rain the sun always comes out again, and after overcoming the problems you will not only achieve stability but you will achieve maturity and happiness.

    Life is not only living it but also knowing what to live for.

    It does not matter how many years we live, but how many years we feel we live.

Positive quotes for men
Positive quotes for men

    Everyone lives life as they see fit, just remember that what you give is returned to you.

    There is no time to think about the past when the future has more opportunities for you.

    Without effort there is no progress and without failures there are no victories.

    Life lessons are learned in the most difficult moments.

Short quote of the day

    Winning does not mean surpassing others, but surpassing yourself.

    Replace “I want” with “I will.”

    The first step is to start thanking God for what you have today.

    Let go of your past sorrows, your concern for the future and live one day at a time.

    Don’t wait for things to happen, push yourself, and make things happen.

    Great successes are born from small efforts.

Positive quotes for men
Positive quotes for men

    Even if you don’t know how to achieve it, you have to keep trying.

    We win, we lose but we always learn.

    We should all learn to take care of what we want as if it were the last day we had it.

    Do not blame yourself for a failure, I assure you that something worse is not even having tried.

Simple positive quotes

As an example I want to share this Reflection: It tells the story of two children whose father was an alcoholic, one of them grew up and took the same path as his father, while his brother studied, did a job in which he felt comfortable and He had a good family, they were both asked why his life ended this way. Surprisingly, what they answered was: With a father like the one I had, what would I have become the most? So we see that one of them only reinforced the idea that he had no opportunities, on the contrary, his brother was driven by those same experiences to be different. frases de amor

Beautiful reflections of love

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