Love you pics funny

por | 19 enero, 2022

Love you pics funny

    Love you pics funny, One look from you is enough for me to know everything that your lips kept silent.

Love you pics funny
Love you pics funny

    I know that not everything can be perfect but as long as you want to hold my hand, I will be with you.

    You are not only in my dreams, you are in my life but even more importantly in my heart.

Love you pics funny

    As long as our hearts love each other, we can find each other even if we are lost.

    I want you to be in my arms as you are in my heart.

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    The hours without you do not matter, because when I find you everything is perfect and my eyes do not stop looking at you.

    I want to tell you so much, I want you to listen to what I haven’t been able to tell you, everything that my heart feels.

Love pics couple

If love is true, it is normal for a couple to send each other phrases and even love poems, since romance is what most abounds in hearts that are in love.

    You make me want to kiss you.

    I want to see you happy today tomorrow and always.

Love you pics funny
Love you pics funny

    A smile escapes me when I think of you.

    With you everything is perfect.

Love pics  couple with quotes

    An instant in my mind but an eternity in my heart.

    Kiss me and you will know everything that my heart has felt.

    Only with you can I laugh at any nonsense, only with you.

    If you look at me like that I’ll end up in love.

    I always thought I’d find you.

Love pics couple kiss

    With you I can only feel love.

    If you are in my thoughts you are also in my heart.

Love you pics funny
Love you pics funny

    I want to hug you, kiss you and for eternity love you.

Love pics couple hd

    I can’t explain it with words but I love you.

Love you pics funny
Love you pics funny

    Looking at you I couldn’t forget you.

    No matter how much I deny it, I will always love you.

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