Love quotes for him long distance

por | 26 junio, 2020

Love quotes for him long distance Do you want to get to the heart of the person you love? Today we are going to recommend these romantic phrases that try to express all the love and romance in each word. That you can dedicate them to the person you like the most or to your partner.

Love quotes for him long distance

Love quotes for him long distance
Love quotes for him long distance

Love quotes for him long distance

In love is little, for what I am feeling at the moment for you.
I don’t think that the perfect places exist, because for me all the places are perfect if I’m with you.
It doesn’t matter if the moment is good, you make it very special.
I will love you for the rest of my days, although those were to end tomorrow.
I just need to get to your heart.

Quotes about love

Love quotes for him long distance
Love quotes for him long distance

I want to show you that in this world there is a hand that will never let go and lift you up.
Promise that you will never forget our laughter, tears, jokes and dreams, since I will never forget you.
And your smile is always the one that brightens and colors my days.
As long as we love each other with all our soul, it doesn’t matter if there is a beginning or an end, the important thing was to have lived it by your side.
And I discovered that when I was by your side, time began to stop, the seconds to go back and our love to grow.
I feel my arms and knees tremble just by being by your side.
I don’t know if our love will only be an illusion, I only know that I feel it from the bottom of my heart.

Short love quotes

And I am the happiest person when I realize that you thought of me.
I don’t know what I need, I just know I want you.
I like hugging you as much as responding to your looks.
Your beauty has no comparison since it is like eternity.
A kiss from you is enough for me to feel nothing but your lips.
I did not think to fall in love but it happened and it makes me happy that it was you.
Just kiss me and forget about everything and everyone.

You will always be my reason to keep going.
You make romantic songs make sense and I like their romantic lyrics.
I want to conquer that madness that everyone calls love.
So many people in the world but I chose you.

Love quotes

I don’t even know what’s going on with me, I just know that I find myself thinking about you without realizing it.
I have many wishes that I have asked God, but I would change all for being with you.
Save all my love, for how long you will come into my life.
A special person like you deserves until the last years of my life.
Your kisses and your lips only increase the love I feel.

Love quotes for him

I want to confess to you that only with you I want to see romantic movies.
On Valentine’s Day I want to send you many phrases and fill you with affection.
I don’t need to say a word to you as we look at each other and smile.
With you by my side the darkness does not matter since you are the light of my heart.
If you are by my side I am the luckiest person in the world.

Love quotes for him in english

The passion in our relationship is loving, sweet, warm and fills me with your love.
I saw you as you came into my life, I thought of you, I fell in love, I dreamed of you and now I will love you.
Knowing that you are my sky, I just wanted to be your star ..

Love quotes for him tumblr short

You are the most valuable treasure that I keep deep in my heart.
I don’t feel like the protagonist of this story, but I do want to always be with you.
I will always say that you are the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in life.
And how could I not become a romantic if with your kisses you make everything special.

Love quotes for him long distance
Love quotes for him long distance

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