Love quotes for him from the heart

por | 26 junio, 2020

Love quotes for him from the heart
Love quotes for him from the heart

Love quotes for him from the heart , Are you looking for love phrases for that special person? If so, you are in the right place. Here we present love messages of all kinds so that you can dedicate them to that important person.

Love quotes for him from the heart

Love quotes for him from the heart
Love quotes for him from the heart

Love quotes for him from the heart

Love is like you; brief but intense.
I would stay to live in your smile.
Whatever it takes, I’ll wait for you all my life.
I never thought of falling in love, but you came and ruined it.
Your eyes are the river in which I want to die.
You are my most beautiful coincidence.

Love quotes for him

I promised never to fall in love until I met you.
Travel to the Moon or to the corner store, but with you.
If they gave me a choice, I would stay with you to live.
Your smile is my relief from a bad day.
There is no better melody than your smile.
I will never let you fall. I’ll always be with you.
If I had to get lost somewhere, I would do it in your eyes.

Love quotes for him short

Only you can make the world not seem so ugly.
Your kisses are my biggest prize after a long day.
There is no more magical place than the one where you sleep with me.
If you were a song I would listen to you at all hours of the day.
Before I get famous I prefer a kiss from your mouth.
I would like to be an astronaut, but not to get to the Moon, but to get to your heart.
So much space in my bed and you so far from it.

Short love quotes

You are the reason the world gives me to wake up every day.
If I could make a wish, I would ask to love you for life.
Although I do not love you as you would like, I do it as I know best, with all my soul.
My heart already has an owner. It’s you.
I made only a copy of the key to my heart and ever since I met you I lost it.
Every second that passes I love you a little more.
Not even Romeo and Juliet’s love can compare to ours.

Love quotes

Do you think the Universe is huge? For greater is the love I feel for you.
If there is something infinitely perfect, it is the love I feel for you.
If I were a screenwriter you would be the protagonist of all my scripts.
My love for you is like that of the Moon and the Sun, I can only be happy when I touch you with the eclipse.
From the day I met you, my heart beat again.

Quotes about love

There is no more beautiful moment than the one that happened with you.
You are what gives my life meaning. Never go away
The path of life is short if you are by my side.
My love for you is greater than any Ocean.
If the world were to end in two days, I would only ask for one thing, to spend with you.
You will always remain in my memory.

Love quotes for him tumblr short

How does it feel to be the most perfect person in the Universe?
All I want in this life is to earn a place in your heart.
If they paid me to dream about you, I would be a millionaire.
You are the most beautiful flower I saw grow in my garden.
You jump I jump. You cry I cry. Do you die I die.
With just one look of yours I become invincible.
If all the time I think about you I spent studying, it would all be honors.

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