Love is pics quotes

por | 19 enero, 2022

Love is pics quotes

    I want you to come to me and hold me forever in your arms.

    Love is pics quotes, Every day I pray that I can see you again.

Love is pics quotes
Hand holding heart.

    All my attention is focused on you if you are near, it is inevitable.

Love is pics quotes

    They say we’re crazy, but with a love like ours, who wouldn’t be?

    What I want in exchange for my kisses and hugs is that you kiss me and hug me more.

    Love reaches the soul and unites two hearts in love.

Love pics with quotes

    Of all the forms of love, the most beautiful is the one that transmits the heart without the need for a single word.

    Your smile is what makes me happy every day.

    Love is the union of two people who know that their priority is to take care of each other.

Love is pics quotes
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    Love is only true when you can overcome anything for it.

    No love is forbidden if two hearts love each other.

Love pics with words

    If there is love you can overcome everything, be it a fight, time or distance.

    I wish you so much and although the distance does not allow it, I still love you.

    As long as there is love in my heart I still have hope.

Love is pics quotes
Hand holding heart.

    If you and I fight, let it be with kisses, hugs and lots of affection.

    No wonder you have become the most important person to me.

    Love without madness is like food without salt, it’s like cake without sugar.

Love pics with poetry

    When love is true, not even the greatest of all distances has the power to destabilize your existence.

    The most perfect words of love were inspired by the beauty of your smile.

    Everything in me is love for her, she is the center of my days, the main reason for the sparkle in my eyes.

Love is pics quotes
Love is pics quotes

    My love for you is like eternity, it never ends.

Love pics with black background

    Eternal love is the one that lasts beyond everything, even beyond eternity.

    With you I have fun, I am happy in a unique way.

    The only thing that matters is that we both want to be together.

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