Life quotes for status

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Life quotes for status

Life quotes for status , Jorge, except for the last sentence, do not repeat the Kantian nonsense. Aristotle is the plagiarist and forger of Plato and his disciples, his knowledge is more borrowed than original. And his speculations were already relevant among the philosophical schools, including that of the Pythagoreans.

Phrases that make you think and reflect without a doubt.

Life quotes for status
Life quotes for status

Ignorant is the man who believes in man; search, analyze, have a self debate and conclude. Steven chirinos.

Life quotes for status

We certainly have a lot to learn from so many thinkers and philosophers who have gone before us. The principle of wisdom is to recognize one’s own ignorance as Socrates would say.

Life quotes english

No!!! The beginning of wisdom is the fear of Jehovah

Wrong Jerry. It must be LOVE to him, for what he is and represents. Remember, God is LOVE and not FEAR. What kind of God would he be then? Reflect.

Life quotes for status
Life quotes for status

psychology and philosophy depend on being congruent. do we have these two sciences ??? clear in our personal development, in our actions, expressions !!!! ignorance seeks to hinder them more every day … however, we continue in the struggle to win against the perspective of society … knowledge will emerge as our impulse seeks its own criteria ..

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I believe in the power of the active intellect and the one that empowers us and allows us to evolve. Knowing and knowing how to do is knowing twice.

criticism is only done when we have a solution for what we are going to criticize

Criticism is only done when we have a solution for what we are going to criticize

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They all say “I betray my mind” but do not realize that they are actually betraying their mind.

I will learn a phrase every day and put it into practice

More than learning it, you must understand its meaning, know why that conclusion was raised and not try to execute it to the letter but develop it in your own way. Greetings

Life quotes for status
Life quotes for status

I would like to paraphrase a reflection of Foucault by way of poetry:

(…) In the Greco-Roman period the epimeleia heatou (concern about oneself) and the gnothi seautou (knowledge about oneself) were linked to an ethic of truth that promoted access to a superior way of life – individual and collective -. The teacher – as parrhesiastés – was the one who would guide the student in this process of gradual transformation into a subject of verdict; in this askesis, in the exercise of himself on himself that would allow the subject, and society as a whole, to access a higher form of Good.

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Life quotes for status
Life quotes for status

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