Life quotes for instagram

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Life quotes for instagram

Only through permanent exercise and effort as a strengthening of the subject soul as an incessant search for verdict; Through a conjunction between saying, practicing and the truth, the subject – the subjects – could set out on a rigorous path, but at the same time unknown and new, which would allow a conversion of oneself and a subjectification linked to conditions of spirituality that would allow approach to the true. “Caring for oneself is not a” discovery “of who one is, but an invention based on what one can be, (…) as a maker of one’s own life”

Life quotes for instagram
Life quotes for instagram

Short life phrases

Also share for the first time – in case it is useful – a phrase that was revealed to me in dreams, in this my new path of transformation …

“When we direct the mind, let us have a heart full of goodness …” -Estrella Platon

Greetings to this beautiful page

Life quotes for instagram
Life quotes for instagram

Thank you very much Estrella Platon for your contribution to Psiqueviva. A cordial greeting.

I would say, greetings to the author or creator of this beautiful page.

Life is quotes and sayings

Daniel, Thank you for encouraging me to participate in this forum …

I do not consider myself a philosopher or scholar, but I believe in today, in what I feel while I breathe, history and protohistory can dispel ignorance, but from experience the paper supports what they write on it, according to Aristotle; a wise doubt, the fool affirms. I stay with this Phrase; I think, therefore I exist .. !!!

The reason will always be more powerful than the feelings and the senses

The more we read many of the developments he celebrated. When we stop learning we stop growing both personally and professionally. Lic Jery Esther sm

Life quotes tumblr deep

It is incredible that phrases made more than 2500 years ago still have so much validity

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Life quotes for instagram
Life quotes for instagram

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Life quotes for instagram
Life quotes for instagram

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