Daily inspirational quotes love

por | 15 octubre, 2022

Daily inspirational quotes love

Not every day we wake up with the necessary motivation to face the day, having slept poorly, being somewhat low on energy, not being in a good mood… There are many factors that affect it and, if we have to train in the morning, what how do we stay motivated?

One of the things that most encourages us to start our routine is to read powerful phrases, from people who inspire us, to realize that nothing stands in front of us to give it all today. But it is not the only reason, there are times when we wake up so motivated that we need to communicate it to the world! Giving a little of our energy to those who need it most is also a good way to start the day.

Daily inspirational quotes love

For all those days when you need a shot of energy, we have compiled 50 phrases said by professional athletes, trainers and ‘fit girls’ that inspire us every day and motivate us to achieve our best version. Whether it’s for you or because you feel like sharing a #motivationalquote on your Instagram account, here are the most motivating phrases said by women related to the world of sports, nutrition and feeling better about ourselves.

“Each action, no matter how small it may seem, adds up and brings you closer to your goal”, Crys Dyaz.

“The hardest part of training is making the decision to start,” Kayla Itsines.

Success is not final

“You have been very critical of yourself for years and it has not worked, try to love yourself, you will see the difference”, Kelsey Wells.

“Happiness consists in putting your thoughts, your words and your actions in agreement”, Crys Dyaz.

“The steps you don’t dare to take also leave a mark”, Patry Jordán.

Work hard in silence quotes

“You can be whatever you want to be, as long as you try long enough”, Carla Sánchez Zurdo.

“The best thing is not the medals, but the way to get them”, Gemma Mengual.

“The moment you change ‘I have to go to training’ to ‘I want to go to training’ everything looks different,” Chontel Duncan.

“When I go running I feel freedom, I feel that I am myself, I feel that running makes me a better person”, Cristina Pedroche.

“Work to discover your potential, live it and make it a reality”, Alexia Clark.

Quotes about education and success

“Let nothing, no matter how difficult, stop you”, Sabrine Toumi.

“No matter the week, no matter the day, no matter the time, you’re on time”, Vikika.

“It’s okay if you make a mistake, you don’t have to be perfect. The important thing is to be consistent and keep trying,” Kelsey Wells.

“Every time I feel more comfortable in a tracksuit and I’m not talking about sports tights”, Patry Jordán.

Best quotes about success

“More is not always better, rest is also important for your progress”, Cass Olholm.

“Our beliefs are the origin of our limitations”, Noe Todea.

“Thinking of you and taking care of you is not being selfish”, Anna Victoria.

“Real beauty is what it is. The body changes, mine and that of any girl who will read this”, Lola Indigo.

“Nothing takes as long to arrive as what never begins”, Crys Dyaz.

“A wish without an action has no value”, Isabel del Barrio.

Failure to success quotes

“I aspire to progress not to perfection”, Kayla Itsines.

“Your path is not the same as that of others, do not let them tell you how you have to be”, Chontel Duncan.

“Consistency, patience and progression. The three key points to achieve any goal”, Miriam García.

“A champion is not defined by his victories, but by how he recovers after having failed”, Serena Williams.

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