Cheating gf captions

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Cheating gf captions

   Cheating gf captions, I do not want to miss. – Aerosmith.

    Better to laugh, it’s the most serious thing. – Laziness.

Cheating gf captions
Cheating gf captions

    Who wants to live forever?. – What in.

    Love is what everyone talks about but nobody really knows what it is. – Alejandro Sanz.

Gf captions

    I prefer to want to be able, to touch than to tread, to win to to lose, to kiss to parade, and to enjoy to measure. Fly to run, make to think, love to love, take to ask. First of all I am in favor of living. – Serrat.

    If my smile showed the depths of my soul, many people seeing me smile would cry with me. – Kurt Cobain.

Bf and gf captions

    The most beautiful curve of a woman is her smile. – Bob Marley.

    Some are willing to do anything but live in the here and now. – Jonh Lennon.

Cheating gf captions
Cheating gf captions

    The sky is tired of seeing the rain fall. – Shakira.

Cute gf captions

    Who cares what I do? Who cares what I say? I am like that, and so I will continue, I will never change. – Alaska.

    It all starts with forgiveness, because to heal the world we first have to heal ourselves. – Michael Jackson.

Football gf captions

    Accustomed to escaping from reality, I lost the sense of the road and I aged a hundred years more, from so much walking lost. And I search in my memory for the corner where I lost my mind. – Extreme hard.

    The brave are those who know how to cry with their faces uncovered. – The crazy’s song.

Funny gf captions

    Learn something in life, understand love and discover what the world is like. – Monica Naranjo.

Cheating gf captions
Cheating gf captions

    In the end we only regret the opportunities we did not take. – Taylor Swift.

    I don’t care if it hurts, I want to be in control, I want the perfect body, I want the perfect soul, I want you to notice it, when I’m not around. – Radiohead.

Cute bf gf captions

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve started to miss you, I can’t stop thinking about you on my pillow, with the people, my friends, in the streets, without witnesses. – Luis Miguel.

Annoying gf captions   Best gf captions

    I’ve never felt this way before, naked around you, and I’ve never felt so good. – Avril Lavigne.

    Don’t ever say that I just walked away. I will always love you. – Miley Cyrus.

Clever gf captions

    I never knew it could mean so much. – Ellie Goulding.

Cheating gf captions
Cheating gf captions

    I have the inventory of memories of the most beautiful story that I have ever heard. – Van Gogh’s Ear.

Missing gf captions   Basketball gf captions

    There is not a single real love story that has a happy ending. If it is love, it will have no end. And if you have it, you will not be happy. – Joaquín Sabina.

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