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Twitter caption, Short and original phrases for Twitter

We start with some short and original phrases for Twitter so as not to exceed 280 characters on this social network and leave your mark anyway. Remember that the good, if brief, twice as good!

Twitter caption
Twitter caption

I want someone with my values, not with my tastes.

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I came for tobacco and I already stayed here.

My biggest show of love for someone is getting up early.

Who likes to get up early? If you do, it’s for good reason … so the person you woke up for may feel lucky. If you want love phrases for Twitter or for your friends, this cannot be missing from the repertoire!

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Twitter caption
Twitter caption

If I were you, I fall in love with me.

Twitter caption for love

What good is life without music?

The sentences short Twitter like this also serve to reflect on your passions … if it is yours, do not miss this article phrases short music thinking .

Fall seven times and get up eight.

Japanese proverb

What desire to do more beautiful crazy things you have.

Grandmothers who, before saying your name, name all your cousins.

Twitter caption
Twitter caption

Smile, tomorrow you might be missing a tooth.

Twitter caption for selfie

In English: money, in Spanish: money, actually: I don’t have.

Phrases for Twitter – In English: money, in Spanish: money, actually: I don’t have.

Neither you are for so much, nor I for so little.

If you are not happy without a partner, you will not be happy with one either. Happiness comes from alcohol, not from people.

Twitter caption for girlfriend

Among the funny Twitter phrases , this is one of our favorites. Perfect for partygoers! We already know that in reality, happiness comes from within each one … but this badass touch gives the date a much-needed humor. Do you like short cool phrases ? Don’t miss this other article!

I will never steal a Wi-fi signal, it is she who enters my house without permission.

Twitter caption
Twitter caption

We are a balloon of emotions in a world of pins.

Ugly from birth, handsome thanks to Photoshop.

I am capable of giving my life for the right reason.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein

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There are two words that can open all the doors in this life: Pull and push.

To forgive is to travel back in time and come back unscathed.

Mom, I don’t have a messy room, I have it in random order.

I killed the sperm in front of me to enter the egg first.

Twitter caption
Twitter caption

I woke up wanting to go back to sleep for another 12 hours.

Crying over a math problem is another level of suffering.

Happy people don’t have time to bother.

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