Tumblr quotes wallpaper

por | 22 julio, 2020
Tumblr quotes wallpaper
Tumblr quotes wallpaper

Tumblr quotes wallpaper 12. Reflection is the path to immortality; lack of reflection, the path to death (Buddha)

This phrase taken from Buddhist philosophy refers to the importance of reflection in personal development and in learning by and for life. We have all learned from mistakes, but each one lives the experiences in a unique way. In order to retain these experiences, an active thought process about what we live is necessary, in order to question the meaning of these experiences for us. Without doing this, learning will often not occur. To know more about self-reflection, I invite you to read this article called “Personal Development: 5 reasons for self-reflection”, so that you know the benefits of this practice

Tumblr quotes wallpaper

Tumblr quotes wallpaper
Tumblr quotes wallpaper

WhatsApp states of love, romantic, beautiful, love at a distance, love things to send by WhatsApp … What better way to launch a hint to your loved one than an original WhatsApp status.

“Love is made up of a soul inhabiting two bodies.”
“A happy castaway would be, if your mouth were the sea and I was a sailor adrift.”
“Your name may not be Alice, but you are wonderful.”
“Your eyes are like two moons, and I always wanted to travel to the Moon. Now I understand my desire to be an astronaut. ”

Quotes for him

“And as I always tell my friends, meeting you was a coincidence, but it was the best thing in my life.”
“I wouldn’t trade a minute yesterday with you for a hundred years of life without you.”
“Lend me the time I have left, and I will spend it making you the happiest person on the planet.”
“My love for you is forever, so stay with me forever.”
“Every time I think of happiness your face returns to my head.”
“Love is pure poetry of a person who does not make verses but gives them.”
“Let’s go out together, I invite kisses.”
“I love closing my eyes and being able to feel you with me even in the distance, it is your love that makes it possible.”

Sad Quotes

“Love madly, love does not last forever. Never say never because nothing is forever. ”
“There is only one true love, but you can find thousands of different versions.”
“I walked many ways, and I met many people, but you are one of those I will never forget.”
“Outer beauty only serves to be popular, while inner beauty helps you find love.”
“Being able to love oneself is the beginning of eternal love and true love.”
“The pupil of her eyes transport me to other realities.”
“They are loves of the good ones, those that I feel with you.”

“There is nothing more depressing than having it all and feeling sad.”
“Sadness is but a wall between two gardens.”
“Crying is cleaning. There is a reason for tears, happiness, or sadness. ”
“The ones closest to you are the ones that hurt the most.”
“The sad soul in the tastes cries.”

Love Quotes

“There is no worse sadness than remembering happiness on a day of pain.”
“Sadness is like a precious treasure, shown only to friends.”
“Living in the past only blinds you to the future.”
“Sadness is one of the sensations that prove that we are alive.”
“It is sad when you realize that you are not as important to someone as you thought you were.”
“The word happiness would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.”
“The real pain is that suffered without witnesses.”

“The best things in life make you fat.”

Phrases for funny and cool WhatsApp states

There are thousands of funny and laughing phrases for WhatsApp, but none like the ones you will see below.

“Everything is fun as long as it happens to someone else.”
“The important thing is not to know, but to have the phone number of the person who knows.”
“The intelligence chases me but I’m faster.”

Tumblr quotes friendship

“Better late than never, because in the morning I sleep.”
“I’m not lazy, I’m in power saving mode.”
“The bad thing is not living in the clouds, but going down.”
“Weather forecast for tonight: it will be dark.”
“A day without sun is, you know, night.”
“There’s a better world out there, but it’s very expensive.”
“Do not give up on your dreams. Still sleeping.”
“Time without you is me.”
“Some marriages end well; others last a lifetime. ”

Tumblr quotes life and love

“I have to go to the eye doctor, but I never see the moment.”
“If you are looking for a hand to help you, look for it at the end of your arm.”
“The important thing is not to win, it is to make others lose.”
“Love is the answer, but while you’re waiting for it, sex raises some pretty good questions.”
“The brain works from birth, until you fall in love.”

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