Smile quotes for her

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Smile quotes for her

So far our collection of phrases to smile and forget about problems has come. We hope they have filled you with positivism for your day to day. So tell us. What do you think of our phrases to smile? Do you know some phrases to smile more? What makes you smile? Do you think it is good to smile often? We will be delighted to know your impressions, leave them in a comment!

Smile quotes for her

    Smiling opens doors for you, it helps you to improve your mood, to face problems with a winning attitude, to be happy.

Smile quotes for her
Smile quotes for her

In short, a smile can change your life. For this reason, we share with you some phrases that may make you reflect and also make you smile much more.

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“You are never fully dressed without a smile.”

– Martin Charnin

“If you smile when no one is around you, you mean it.”

– Andy Roney

“Someone who chooses to smile rather than get angry, he is a really strong person.”

– David Schary

Smile sayings

“The greatest weapon that one can carry against their enemies is a simple smile.”

– Lionel Suggs

Smile quotes for her
Smile quotes for her

“ Wear a smile and have friends; frown and have wrinkles.”

– George Eliot

“The day you find yourself smiling for no reason, that day you can say you have found happiness.”

Smile more quotes

– Rebecca Stead

“Although smiling is the work of a single moment, its effects last for a long time.”

– Bucky Buckbinder

“The power of a smile is such that even if you draw a happy face, it will be enough to make your lips move in the same way.”

You are the reason i smile quotes

– Richelle E. Goodrich

“Turn on your smile, laugh for no reason. You control the switch of happiness, it is you who changes the world.”

– Roel van Sleeuwen

Smile more quotes
Smile more quotes

“Every smile makes you a day younger.”

-Chinese proverb

Smile quotations

“A smile is a curved line that straightens everything.”

– Phyllis Diller

“Never forget to smile, because the day you don’t smile will be a lost day.”

– Charles Chaplin

Silence and smile quotes

“It is easier to get what you want with a smile than with the point of a sword.”

– William Shakespeare

“Never stop smiling, even when you’re sad, because you never know who can fall in love with your smile.”

– Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Behind my smile quotes

“There is no serious thing that cannot be said with a smile.”

– Alexander Casona

Smile more quotes
Smile more quotes

“You will grow up the day you truly laugh at yourself for the first time.”

– Ethel Barrymore

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“The worst employee day is the one in which he has not laughed.”

– Nicolas-Sebastien Roch Chamfort

“Laughter heals, it is the cheapest and most effective social work in the world.”

– Roberto Pettinato

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

– Victor Borge

Quotes on beauty and smile

“The smile enriches those who receive it, without impoverishing those who give it.”

–Frank Irving

“There are smiles that are not of happiness, but of a way of crying with kindness.”

– Gabriela Mistral

“The smile is the universal language of intelligent men.”

– Victor Ruiz Iriarte

One line quotes on smile

“Before you frown, check that there are no smiles available.”

– Jim Beggs

” The peace begins with a smile.”

– Mother Teresa

Smiley quotes

“A smile is the cheapest way to change our appearance.”

– Charles Gordon

“The most beautiful curve of a woman is her smile.”

– Bob Marley

“Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may spread rich smiles in sad hearts.”

– Paramahansa Yogananda

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“A smile is the one infectious affliction I encourage everyone to spread.”

– Omar Kiam

One line quotes on smile
One line quotes on smile

“Smiling in the presence of danger does not mean that you deny the fear, it will simply help you overcome it.”

– Richelle E. Goodrich

“Make your smile an umbrella and let it rain.”

– Twin Peaks

You are the reason of my smile

“When the man smiled, the world loved him. When he laughed, he was afraid of her.”

– Rabindranath Tagore

“Make them wonder why are you still smiling.”

– Elizabethtown

“Don’t cry because he finished. Smile because it happened.”

– Dr. Seuss.

Smile comments

“A smile is the universal welcome.”

– Max Eastman

Happy faces caption
Happy faces caption

“The inevitable can also be accepted without smiling.”

– Santiago Rusiñol

Happy faces caption

“The most valuable things are cheap, like bread or water, or they are free; like air, smile and love.”

– Pacoyo

“He didn’t even try to smile. I knew then that he had lost it forever.”

– Marian Keyes

“Never apologize for smiling!”

– ML Stedman

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