Smile in pain quotes

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Smile in pain quotes

In United States people like positive smile quotes, we will share some smile quotes with you.

        “And then, she smiled, but her smile, as always, hid her true feelings. For years it had been her universal defense method: for anger, for sadness… for everything! ”

Smile in pain quotes
Smile in pain quotes

        Megan Maxwell

        “He had a face made for smiling.”

        “Let me put a smile on that face.”

        Heath Ledger – The Joker

Smile in pain quotes , positive smile quotes

        “- It’s funny, when you smile a parenthesis opens.

        – Well, I’ll close it as late as possible, the day after tomorrow at the station.

        – Let’s go! one last smile to close the parenthesis.”

My smile quotes

        “My teacher, Mrs. Pendergast says that she should smile more. I told my mom, so she gave me a big smile. I don’t think Mrs. Pendergast likes me anymore.”

        “Forty muscles are needed to wrinkle a forehead, but only fifteen to smile.”


        “It is easier to get what you want with a smile than with the point of a sword.”

Smile in pain quotes , positive smile quotes
Smile in pain quotes , positive smile quotes

        William Shakespeare

        “The smile is a true vital force, the only one capable of moving the immovable.”

        Orison Sweett Marden

        “A great smile is a beautiful face of a giant.”


        “Seeing him there, waiting for me, makes me smile; I never smile, except in the woods.”


Quotes to make her smile

        “Why do we smile when we see a baby? Perhaps it is because we see someone who does not yet have all those defensive barriers, someone who, we know, when he smiles at us he does it in a totally authentic way and without deception. And the baby soul we still carry inside smiles with melancholy gratitude.”

        Jack Canfield

        “When she smiles all the grace is in her mouth and the joy like a party between her eyes.”

        Alfonso Praying

        “He whom his mother

Quotes about smiling and being happy

has never smiled will never know the smile of the gods.”

        Fernando Saveter

        “It is worth much more to forget and smile, than to remember and be sad.”

        Christina Georgina Rossetti

        “Be very careful, stewardesses are not normal women, all the time flying from one time zone to another, their biological clock is dusting or something similar, always thinking about sex, why do they always smile if not?”

Quotes to make her smile
Quotes to make her smile

        “Smile is the general language of intelligent men. Only the stupid and the delinquents are sad.”

        Victor Ruiz Iriarte

Smile and laugh quotes

    “I would like to have several replacement smiles and a vast repertoire of ways to express myself.”

    Concha Mendez

    “Oh, and you should smile more. You will get bigger tips.”

    Adam Scott – Trevor

    “The problem is I have the kind of face where if I’m not smiling, then everyone is like, ‘Oh, isn’t she mad?’

    Claire Foy – Queen Elizabeth II

    “Her laughter caused me to smile in the act that I marked her skin with my lips.”


    “- A smile like that could melt the ice.

    – That’s what I’ve been told.

Good morning smile quotes
Good morning smile quotes

    – Dislike.

    “A woman in my position could tell that she leers.”

    Sarah Paulson – Mildred Ratched

    Corey Stoll – Charles Wainwright

Good morning smile quotes

    “A smile is a small curve that straightens many things.”

    zig ziglar

    “Smile is beauty, what salt is to food.”

    Carlo Dossi

    “Today I like children much more than I liked them two years ago. It is enough to exchange a look, a gesture, a smile.”

    Ayrton senna

    “There are smiles that hurt like stabs.”

    William Shakespeare

    “Hey, hey, smile! but do not hide behind that smile… Show what you are, without fear.”

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