Quotes in Spanish google translate

por | 14 octubre, 2020

Quotes in Spanish  google translate Good things come to those who know how to wait.”
“It is not the most intelligent of the species that survives or the strongest, but the one that knows how to adapt to change.”

Quotes in Spanish  google translate

Quotes in Spanish  google translate
Quotes in Spanish google translate

“Don’t look for the perfect moment, just look for the moment and make it perfect.”
“If you feel lost in the world it is because you have not yet come looking for you.”
“Every mistake leaves a teaching, every teaching leaves an experience, and every experience leaves a mark.”
“No matter what happens, you will always have a story to tell.”
“Find what makes you happy and go for it.”

Quotes in spanish

Quotes in Spanish  google translate
Quotes in Spanish google translate

“Get out of the house and smile.

Smile at the problems, at the unforeseen,

Love phrases in Spanish

to bad weather, and to people …

At the end of the day, you may find that nothing changed, but you will have smiled. ”

“It is strictly forbidden to get up without illusions.”
“Stand up, breath, smile and go ahead.”
“Difficulties don’t exist to make you quit but to make you stronger.”
“I hope you live every day of your life.”

Quotes in Spanish about life

“When was the last time you did something the first time?”
“A person who was never wrong never tried anything new.”
“Give every day the chance to be the best day of your life.”
“Challenges are what make life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

Phrases in Spanish to learn

“Even if you feel lost and weak, remember that each day can be the beginning of something wonderful. Do not give up.”
“He who thinks long before taking a step will spend his whole life on one foot.”
Avoid hanging out with negative people. They always have a problem for every solution. ”
“We seldom realize that we are surrounded by the extraordinary.”

Quotes in Spanish about family

“No life is complete without a touch of madness.”
“Lives. Money is recovered, time is not. ”
“Life is like a camera: focus only on what’s important, capture the good moments, get something positive out of the negative, and if it doesn’t go as you expected, try a new shot.”

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