Monday blessings

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Monday blessings

Monday blessings , Love is the best medicine; Often times, lovers see the positive side of life, because having someone we trust by the side helps us to let go of those feelings of incomprehension and loneliness so typical of human beings. If you have a partner, you are in love and you want to dedicate some beautiful words to that special person to express how you feel, there is nothing better than love phrases .

Monday blessings

Monday blessings
Monday blessings

Love phrases are a double-edged sword to enter the heart of that boy or that girl, and in the following article we have prepared a wide selection of love phrases to make it easier for you.

Monday blessings quotes

Regardless of the person you want to continue conquering, we help you declare your love in an original and beautiful way. How? With these short love phrases, beautiful love phrases and love phrases to fall in love with that you can paste on the case of your mobile, leave it on your window or put it in a book. Don’t miss these love messages to make you fall in love unforgettable !

Monday blessings
Monday blessings


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Beautiful phrases of love to dedicate

We start with some of our beautiful love phrases to dedicate favorite ; love phrases for your boyfriend, for your girlfriend or short love phrases for that special someone that you can’t get out of your head … dedicate these love messages and conquer her!

Monday blessings gif

Monday blessings
Monday blessings

Kiss slowly, forget quickly, take risks and never, never regret …

It was the way you smiled … I knew I would always want that in my life.

Falling in love is a wonderfully terrifying feeling.

Steve Maraboli

Monday blessings images  and quotes

It was the way you smiled … super that I would always want that in my life.

To love each other is to understand that we are two individual beings but that they decided to share a life together.

Last night I looked up at the sky and started giving each star a reason why I love you so much. I was missing stars.

Monday blessings good morning

I wish I could talk to you, I wish I could smile at you, I wish I could hug you, but most of all I wish I could kiss you.

Your imperfections make you the perfect woman.

Give me your spare time, and I will spend it on making you the happiest person on the planet.

Monday blessings
Monday blessings

I adore you as if you were a Saint of my religion, as if I followed my path to the sound of your heart.

Monday blessings messages

I have written romantic novels on paper, but in my heart is my love for you, the most faithful.

Monday blessings prayer

The love verses are perfect to dedicate to that special person in your life. With sweet words like these, you will make that person feel loved and see how important they are to you. Tell us which of these love messages you stay with or keep exploring some of these beautiful love phrases to dedicate .

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A sigh is the air that we have left over for someone we lack.

Monday blessings for the weel

Love consists of a soul present in two bodies, and a heart that resides in two souls.

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