Love quotes for him

por | 11 julio, 2020

Love quotes for him This phrase of love was said by the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman. There is no better way to end an awkward silence than with one of those kisses that stop the hands of any watch, right? With the simple touch of your lips with those of your partner, one of the most special connections that can arise between two people is established.

Love quotes for him
Love quotes for him

Love quotes for him

Love quotes for him
Love quotes for him

If you have reasons to love a person, then you don’t love them.

Slavoj Zizek reflecting on the little rationality of true love.
53. Is there a reason to love?

Brigitte Bardot exposes the same reflection but in different words.
54. What a good insomnia if I wake up about your body.

Romantic and sensual phrase of the Uruguayan writer and poet Mario Benedetti.
55. The measure of love is to love without measure.

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Love quotes for him
Love quotes for him

Great phrase of Augustine of Hippo about love being infinite and without measure.
56. True love is not known by what it demands, but by what it offers.

Love quotes for her

Nice reflection of the playwright and film director Jacinto Benavente.
57. Love comes unseen; We can only see him when he leaves.

Sometimes we do not see that we are going to fall in love, but we miss it very much when we lack it. It is what sums up this beautiful phrase by essayist Henry Austin Dobson.
58. True love stories have no end.

Love quotes for instagram

The writer Richard Bach leaves us this phrase about eternal loves, which will always accompany us.
59. When you don’t love too much you don’t love enough.

According to Blaise Pascal one has to love with his whole being, or he will not love.
60. Thinking about my happiness, I remembered you

Love quotes

Anonymous phrase to dedicate to your partner and remind them that it is one of the reasons for your happiness.
61. The person who deserves you is the one who, having the freedom to do what he wants, chooses you at all times

Those who deserve our attention are those who return it to us in the same way.
62. Romance is stormy; love is calm

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Mason Cooley phrase that reminds us that romance is intense and fleeting, while love is lasting.
63. Love knows no barriers; jump obstacles, fences and penetrate walls to reach your destination full of hope

For Maya Angelou there are no obstacles if we really love.
64. The heart needs a second heart. Shared joy is double joy.

Loving is a thing of two, and being reciprocated is the best there is.
65. And love, having no geography, does not recognize limits.

Love quotes for her

Phrase about love by renowned writer Truman Capote.
66. If when I love I am happy, then you are my happiness

Anonymous phrase ideal to confess our love to the loved one.
67. Stay without thinking about that person who dies if he doesn’t have you, than with that person who presumes because he knows he has you

Who deserves your love and attention is the person who appreciates yours.
68. The worst way to miss someone is to sit next to them and know that you can never have them

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Phrase by the writer Gabriel García Márquez about forbidden or unrequited love.
69. If you don’t love me, it doesn’t matter, I can still love for both of you anyway.

Stendhal’s curious phrase of love that reminds us that although it is not reciprocated, one does not stop loving.
70. Love lives more than it gives than it receives.

Precious phrase of Concepción A trains that reminds us that for many, the true samples of love are those in which one lets her altruistic part flow without caring not to be reciprocated.

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