Love couple pics

por | 17 enero, 2022

Love couple pics

    “The light does not exist if you do not enlighten me with your presence.”

    “Your eyes are like two moons, and I always wanted to travel to the moon, now I understand my desire to be an astronaut.”

Love couple pics
Love couple pics

    Love couple pics, “Traversing a dark path I wouldn’t mind, if I met your light at the end of the game.”

    “Never before has there been a love equal to the one I feel for you; it does not fit in my heart, nor in this universe.”

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    “Eyes that I will never get tired of looking at, lips that I will always want to kiss, but best of all, a heart that I will never stop loving.”

    “Don’t be afraid if I start to hear drums around me, it’s just that when I see you I can’t hide my heartbeat.”

    “Your mouth is like an empty glass that I want to fill with my best cocktail, passion.”

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Photo captions are just one part of this much-loved and popular social network. Feedback is also very important. It is always nice to leave love phrases for a photo for a friend, your girlfriend, boyfriend or someone you like and want to conquer on Instagram .

Love couple pics
Love couple pics

    “You don’t know, but you make my day just by seeing you, you’re a wonderful person.”

    “You have a special radiance, an I don’t know what that makes it so pleasant to look at you.”

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    “What beautiful moments we spent together, I wish they never end.”

    “Thank you friend for always giving me a reason to be happy.”

Love couple pics
Love couple pics

    “My new hobby is looking at your photos, I just can’t get enough of it.”

    “It’s just that sometimes it overwhelms me to realize how much I love you.”

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    “Friend, every day you are prettier.”

Love couple pics
Love couple pics

learning to love.

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