Life quotes of the day

por | 20 septiembre, 2021

Life quotes of the day

    If everything is perfect, how funny is it?

    And my favorite coffee will always be the one in your eyes.

    One eye open, the other dreaming.

Life quotes of the day

    Be happy, accept no less.

    It’s good to be good for someone.

Life quotes by rumi

    There is no victory without sacrifice.

    If you’re going to have a seizure, make it laugh.

    Long baths. Loud music. Deep thoughts.

    You are not for so much, nor I for so little.

Life quotes of the day
Life quotes of the day

    Growing up hurts.

    We were night and day, but what a night that day.

    Why shut up if I was born screaming.

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20 Chinese proverbs to reflect on life

    Control your emotions or they will control you.

    I got mad because I had no shoes. Then I met a man who had no feet.

    Don’t listen to what they say. Go see it.

    True knowledge is when one knows the limitations of self-knowledge.

Life quotes of the day
Life quotes of the day

    If you always give, you will always receive.

    A single conversation with a wise man is worth a month of book study.

    With true friends, even drinking water is sweet enough.

    Even the hare bites when cornered.

Grateful for life quotes

    Blame yourself as you blame others, and forgive others as much as you forgive yourself.

    Falling into a ditch makes you wiser.

    Do not think that you will reach your destination if you do not leave the coast.

    Good actions bear good fruits, while evil pays for evil.

    Spilled water is difficult to recover.

    Hearing something a hundred times is not as good as seeing it once.

    It takes more than a day for a river to freeze a meter deep.

When life happens quotes

    Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

    Fool me once, it’s your fault. But fool me twice and the fault will be mine.

    If the snake bites you one morning, you will fear the rope of the well for ten years.

Life quotes of the day
Life quotes of the day

    A gem cannot shine without polishing it, just as a man cannot perfect himself if he is not put to the test.

    A dirty mouth will not speak decent language.

Life quotes with images

    The one who returns from an adventure is not the same one who left.

    A needle is not sharp on both sides.

    Learning without thinking is wasted work, and thinking without learning is dangerous. – Confucius.

    A good teacher is better than a handful of books.

Life is quotes images

    All things change and we change with them.

    An intelligent person transforms the big problems into small ones, and the small ones into nil.

Life quotes of the day
Life quotes of the day

    If you have money, you can ask for favors.

    A thousand kilometer adventure begins with a single step. – Lao Tzu.

    Listening well is just as powerful as speaking well, and it is also essential for true conversation.

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