Good morning quotes in spanish

por | 18 septiembre, 2023

Good morning quotes in spanish

Having a coffee in the morning recharges my energy like a kiss from you.

I can’t stop counting the minutes and hours until the night comes so I can hug you and love you, happy day my beloved.

Good morning my love,

Remember that I will always be there for whatever you need and that I will not only be your girlfriend, lover or wife, but I will always be your life partner.


If you promise me that I can be with you all my life, then get ready to try the most delicious and loving breakfasts of your life.

Imagine how important you are to my life as the day begins and the first thing I do is think of you. I love you.

You are my reason for living, that’s why every waking up when my eyes open slowly I look to see if you are there.

Good morning love, I want you to know that the hours seem very short when I have you near me.

Good morning phrases to make you fall in love

The woman I had last night in my dreams could come true when I saw you and started walking as if she were floating in the clouds without caring what she had around her.

I wake up and think of you as if you were my addiction, Good morning beautiful!

Good morning red rose

Good morning princess! I am lucky that when you wake up your eyes illuminate my path much more than the sun itself and that being able to be by your side the energy you radiate infects me, being the most positive individual on the planet.

Every morning that I see you my heart begins to beat stronger and accelerate because I simply think of you.

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