Cute drawings kawaii

por | 12 noviembre, 2023

Cute drawings kawaii

If you have decided to draw an animal, like a bear, detail its paws, ears… or if it is a plant, like a cactus, add the spikes or thorns… Remember that simplicity predominates.

A tip! If you are outlining a human figure, something very kawaii is to make the head and body proportional, that is, have the same size; In this way he maintains a childish image.


Also, you can personalize the drawing by adding pretty decorations (hearts, bubbles, sparkles, stars…) around it, it will look great!

Cute drawings easy kawaii

Once the details are finished, color the design; Pastel markers such as pink, yellow, green, violet, blue… are ideal for these drawings.

When painting, try to make it as uniform as possible, without shading.

Easy kawaii drawings

If you haven’t practiced this style yet, don’t worry! Here are three easy-to-make kawaii drawings that you’ll love.

Prepare your block, sheets, log, pencils, colors, markers… Ready to start?


Materials for kawaii drawings.Materials for drawing in kawaii style

The panda bear is an adorable animal; With this video tutorial you can easily draw his face in kawaii mode.

Cute drawings kawaii

You can add more tenderness by coloring the cheeks with a pink tone.

Cacti are unique plants, check out this video and dare to make this fun design.

It is fashionable to turn food and drinks into cute kawaii drawings; Follow the steps in the video to make the most tender burger.

And how about you try drawing yourself in a kawaii style, we’d love to see the result!

Cute drawings pinterest

And if you are fascinated by characters from Japanese animated series, these kawaii anime drawings are ideal.


Learn to easily draw kawaii drawings with these simple steps. First, choose a cute character or animal as inspiration. Next, draw a basic outline using simple shapes like circles and ovals. Add characteristic details, such as big, bright eyes, rosy cheeks and a small mouth. Finally, complete your drawing by adding adorable accessories such as bows or hearts. With this step-by-step technique, you’ll be creating your own kawaii drawings in no time.

Cute drawings easy boy

If you want to make your kawaii drawings more easily, a good idea is to use templates. Find kawaii character templates online or draw your own. These templates will help you trace basic outlines and have a solid foundation for your drawing. Once you’ve traced the template, simply add the typical kawaii details, such as big, shiny eyes and adorable decorative elements. You will see how your drawings come to life quickly and easily!

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