Cute drawings girll

por | 12 noviembre, 2023

Cute drawings girll

The sparkling effect on the eyes is very simple; Simply add two white circles inside the eye, a large one towards the top, and a smaller one towards the bottom edge, or draw lines from the edge of the eye to the center.

You can also draw oval eyes, the result is just as cute, and add other elements such as eyelashes, for example.


To complement the features, you can draw the nose and highlight the cheeks, creating the appearance of blushing with a pink color.

They are drawings that, due to their characteristics, inspire tenderness, and more than once, they steal a sigh from us.

Cute drawings easy girl

Children’s aesthetics predominate in them: big heads, round bodies, big, bright eyes, rosy cheeks… resulting in an adorable work of art that instantly captivates.


The main kawaii icon is Hello Kitty!, accompanied by other characters such as the Pokémon Pikachu, the Rilakkuma bear, the cat Pusheen, the bunny My Melody and the frog Keroppi.

Cute drawings for girlfriend

Gif of Hello Kitty.Hello Kitty, world icon of kawaii


A curious fact is that “Hello Kitty” does not have a mouth; According to its designer, Yuko Shimizu, by having an expressionless face, anyone can project their own feelings onto it… have you noticed?

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