Cute drawings easy

por | 12 noviembre, 2023

Cute drawings easy

Drawing relaxes the body and mind, in addition to being a beautifully entertaining activity for both children and adults. To fill the reader with ideas, below we present the best drawings to draw that are easy and quick to do step by step.

Images to draw in pencil

A pencil line always has its particular beauty, its softness, its play with shadows that are different kinds of gray. Below we leave sensational and beautiful pencil images.

Practice is essential to improve your kawaii drawing skills. Spend time regularly drawing and experimenting with different styles and characters. You can find tutorials online that will teach you specific techniques for drawing kawaii elements, such as animals, food, or anime characters.

Easy drawings

Don’t worry if your drawings aren’t perfect at first, the important thing is to have fun and enjoy the creation process. With constant practice, you will notice how your skills improve and you will be able to create kawaii drawings more easily.

Dibujos Kawaii: Dulzura y Encanto
Dibujos Kawaii: Dulzura y Encanto

Easy drawings for beginners

“Kawaii” is a Japanese word whose meaning is “cute”, and it emerged in the 70s to refer to a style of calligraphy done by young students, which combined words with rounded and tender shapes.

Cute drawings aesthetic

From there, a cultural phenomenon took place that crossed borders, and became not only a description of beauty, innocence and tenderness, but a notable style adopted by artists around the world.


Its success has been so great that many people, regardless of age, gender or nationality, recognize it as a lifestyle, a way of acting and relating.

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