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por | 14 diciembre, 2023

Cute drawings easy aesthetic

Within the drawing tutorials, we can see several techniques to learn how to make drawings. Among the techniques, the most widespread is making pencil drawings. With typical black graphite pencils we can draw anything. From that drawing, which can be based on graphite, the subsequent development can be very varied. The drawing can be finished using the same graphite pencil. Generally, with a softer pencil, the drawing is highlighted to achieve the final result. Such is the case of the tutorial that we present to you to learn how to draw Donald Duck.

Drawing to paint of donald

Another technique that is very easy to use when drawing is, having already made the base in graphite pencil, complete the drawing with markers. In this technique, we have different possibilities. They can be done with a single black marker, one of those with a round tip, to achieve an even result. This is the case of the tutorial in which we show you the drawing of Pocoyó’s elephant Ely. Working with markers can also be done using colors, to give a different touch.

Cute drawings aesthetic easy

When working with markers, there is another formula, for which square-tip markers are used. This technique is a little more complicated than the previous one, since depending on the position in which you put the marker, you can make a thinner or thicker line. In the caricatures section of our website you can see some works in which we use this technique.

The truth is that throughout our tutorials, you will be able to see for free, at no cost, examples of how you can work with each of these techniques.

If you like the transition from black and white drawing to color, here we will also show you different options for coloring.

Cute drawings easy aesthetic step by step

Although it is without specifically coloring, but we can talk about a painting technique that is doing it in black and white, but painting the drawings. On our page you can find portraits made in pencil, which are shaded with the same black pencil. It is also a special technique to achieve gradients that give a special realism to the final drawing.

Cute drawings easy aesthetic pencil

Although it may seem ridiculous, you can download one of our drawings to collect.

With colored pencils you can also do the same as above, but adding color. It can also be colored in different ways with colored pencils. An example of this is the eye that you can see at the top of this article.

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