Buenas noches bendiciones para todos

por | 8 enero, 2024

Buenas noches bendiciones para todos

Your smile is the most beautiful in the world. Now you know what I;m dreaming of tonight!

I’m grateful for another day spent loving you. Good night and sweet dreams.

 May the angels watch over you as you sleep, my love.

My heart is full of love for you, especially as you drift off to sleep. Good night.

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    You make every day brighter, darling. Sleep well and dream of us.

    Good night, my angel. I’ll see you in my dreams.

    Hope you have a good sleep, sweet dreams, and an even better day tomorrow.

May your dreams be filled with happiness, just like you fill my heart with joy.

Good night to my favorite: thinking of you tonight and every night!

Good night, my love. Know that I’m here for you always.

You are the last thing on my mind before I sleep and the first thing on my mind when I wake up. Good night, darling.

Buenas noches bendiciones cristianas

Words cannot express how much I adore you. Sleep well!

I thank God every night for bringing you into my life. Sweet dreams, my love.

Good night! Always here, always in your corner. Wishing you some sweet dreams.

Sleep well and dream of your favorite person… me!

Hoping you savor a night without my snoring. Sleep well!

Sleep well, my friend. Don’t let the bed bugs bite, but if they do, you better bite back.

Good night, love. If you have a nightmare, don’t call me. I need my beauty sleep!

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I think we really ought to move in together at this point. Texting “good night” isn’t cutting it.

Sleep tight and don’t forget to set your alarm so you can hit snooze ten times in the morning.

Good night! May your dreams be as weird and wonderful as you are.

Sleep well and dream of a world where Monday mornings don’t exist.

Missing you my starfish. Yes, you totally take up the whole bed and I love it.

Psst: time to close your eyes!

Good night love! (This is your sign to put your phone down.)

Don’t forget to brush your teeth! And floss! Okay, that’s it—good night.

Hoping your dreams aren’t too weird tonight!

Buenas noches y bendiciones de dios

Sleep well and dream of me…or pizza. Whichever you prefer.

Good night, sleep well, and remember that tomorrow is another day to procrastinate.

Wishing you a good night’s sleep… or at least a few hours of pretending to sleep until you finally pass out.

Sleep like a bear in hibernation!

Buenas noches bendiciones flores

May your sleep be peaceful and your snoring be kept to a minimum.

I hope you dream of crying monkeys and talking babies…oh wait.

Let the monsters under the bed know we’re going to have a stern talking to if they keep you up.

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