Tumblr quotes love him

por | 2 julio, 2020
Tumblr quotes love him
Tumblr quotes love him

Tumblr quotes love him Love is the best medicine, lovers are always happy, they live happily, they see the positive side of life and all this because they have another person at their side. If you have a partner, you are in love with her and you want to show her how much you love her to keep the flame of love alive, or if there is a person you like and want to make her fall in love, a great choice is to dedicate phrases of love to her. A phrase of love is a double-edged sword to enter the heart of that boy or that girl, and in this article we have prepared the most complete list for each type of person and each moment.

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Tumblr quotes love him

Tumblr quotes love him
Tumblr quotes love him

There is a crack in everything; this is how light enters.
Leonard Cohen
I’m falling in love with your eyes, but they still don’t know me.
Ed Sheeran

Tumblr quotes short

What does it matter to live on illusions if I am so happy.
Armando Manzanero
Living is the most dangerous thing in life.
Alejandro Sanz

Tumblr quotes love wallpaper

Life is a prison with open doors.
Andrés Calamaro
I am sure you continue to break hearts with the efficiency that only youth can offer.
Arctic Monkeys
I remember the time you told me that loving meant touching souls.
Joni Mitchell
All I know is that I don’t know how to become something you miss.
Taylor Swift

Tumblr quotes

Sometimes a man has to wake up to see that he doesn’t really have anyone.
Jeff Buckley
Despite your lies, it is still easy to love you.
Bon Iver
Go with him and stay with him if you can. But prepare to bleed.
Joni Mitchell

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