Short quotes about work

por | 11 agosto, 2021

Short quotes about work

Short quotes about work , Work is a very important facet in our lives. Our professional development is closely linked to our self-concept, and having a good climate in the workplace makes us see ourselves valued and motivated.

Short quotes about work

However, all work is linked to effort and the ability to excel. In a world where resources are limited, training in productive areas is almost the only way to build a better future. See if the work will be bad, that they should pay you to do it. (Facundo Cabral) An ironic look at the yoke linked to job responsibility.

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I work fast to live slowly. (Montserrat Caballé) The Catalan soprano singer thus talks about the ultimate purpose of the effort. 3. Work on something, so the devil will always find you busy. (St Geronimo) Christian phrase that can be understood metaphorically.

 4. The most productive work is the one that comes out of the hands of a happy man. (Victor Pauchet) Having a motivated team is one of the keys that all entrepreneurs should know.

 5. It is not enough to work, it is necessary to exhaust yourself every day at work. (Auguste Rodin) The daily effort is the one that raises immense projects.

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 6. If the whole year were a party, having fun would be more boring than working. (William Shakespeare) On leisure, the more loved the more longed for.

 7. Some say that hard work has not killed anyone, but I ask myself, why take the risk? (Ronald Reagan) Lazy look phrase. 8. I trust work more than luck. (Latin proverb) Luck doesn’t come alone; It must catch you working hard. 9. Work! If you don’t need it for food, you need it for medicine. (William Penn) The benefits of working are not limited to economics.

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 10. The horizon is black, the storm threatens; let’s work.

This is the only remedy for the evil of the century. (André Maurois) Not giving in to pessimism is the best antidote to a decadent life. 11. Through work, women have been able to bridge the distance that separates them from men. Work is the only thing that can guarantee you complete freedom. (Simone de Beauvoir) A feminist vision of the workplace.

 12. Choose a job that you like and you will not have to work a day of your life. (Confucius) One of the most repeated and famous work phrases.

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 13. Pray as if everything depended on God. Work as if everything depends on you. (San Agustin) Great reflection to move on (if you are a believer). 14. You never realize what you’ve done; You can only see what remains to be done. (Marie Curie) Phrase of a constant and persevering scientist.

 15. We workers remain the poor relative of democracy. (Marcelino Camacho) This Spanish trade unionist reflected on the identity of the working class. 16. Work and struggle always call for the best. (Seneca) An honor reserved for the mentally and physically strong.

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17. Work consists of what an organism is obliged to do; the game is what an organism is not obliged to do. (Mark Twain) Obligation and devotion, according to the author of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

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 18. The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working as soon as we get up and does not stop working until we enter the office. (Robert Frost) Funny phrase that reveals what many bad employees tend to do. 19. Work is the refuge for those who have nothing to do. (Oscar Wilde) A paradoxical look at the desire to advance work.

20. Work always sweetens life, but not everyone likes sweets. (Victor Hugo) Not everyone is able to appreciate what a good job brings them.

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21. He did a lot that left nothing for tomorrow. (Baltasar Gracián) Not procrastinating is key to moving towards progress. 22. Find happiness at work or you won’t be happy. (Christopher Columbus) Since we must spend many hours there, it is better to find the positive part.

 23. Only fools are satisfied and confident with the quality of their work. (Mercedes Mila)

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