Positive quotes about love

por | 31 agosto, 2021

Positive quotes about love

These short positive phrases will always be very important in our lives. At times we have needed that inspiration to help us lift our spirits in difficult situations.

Positive quotes about love

You may not realize all your dreams, but never give up and fight to the end for them.

Believe in yourself in any circumstance, because you are the main responsible for your happiness.

Positive quotes about love
Positive quotes about love

Victory does not make the winner a conqueror, but the man a warrior.

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Si estas decidida a luchar por un sueño es porque probablemente existe para ser conquistado por ti, ¡Créelo y nunca te rindas!.

Los que estudian tienen en sus manos el poder de transformar no sólo sus propias vidas, sino también las de los que les rodean.

Positive quotes about love
Positive quotes about love

Ganar es sinónimo de perseverancia y nada más importa para lograr el verdadero éxito.

Siempre es en un equipo donde el trabajo tiene un mayor valor y las victorias se vuelven más sabrosas.

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Ganar se convierte en una derrota cuando no se gana con dignidad.

Whoever wins is as much a winner as whoever loses with their heads held high and a smile on their faces.

You never lose when you gain knowledge, you have simply learned and improved.

Positive quotes about love
Positive quotes about love

Whether to conquer the world or to know yourself, the path is only one: study and dedication.

Feed on what life has to offer you, and believe that it has everything you could want.

The grace of life is seeing what the next surprise it will bring.

Positive quotes for the day

You don’t have to be the master of reason or the sage of the region, but you have to strive to achieve what your heart desires.

The best of each person happens the moment you really know yourself. Don’t wait for luck, go after what you want.

The reason for our success has been you and I will always be grateful to you, you are more capable than you think and I will always be supporting you.

A dream only comes true if you have the courage not to give it up.

As long as a dream makes sense, you should always be your priority.

Positive thoughts quotes

Believe in its value and verify that all dreams are possible to achieve.

Positive quotes about love
Positive quotes about love

Your dreams have no distance, they are always close to you and I know you have the strength to win.

encouragement phrases for a friend

You can stand still and imagine what it would be like, or fight and see what it will be like to make your dreams come true.

Let time carry away the pain and bad memories, but let the hopes and dreams remain.

Positive quotes for women

All you need to start making your dreams come true is to trust yourself, and fight without fear of failure. frases de amor

The best friends are not the ones who are always close, but the ones who cry and laugh with you when they are far away.


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