Positive life quotes

por | 31 agosto, 2021

Positive life quotes

    Positive life quotesn, life you cannot go back to the past and you cannot go to the future either, but you can always live in the present.

    In life you don’t always win but from each fall or defeat you always teach us something that makes us better, that makes us stronger, never forget it.

    The existence of the human being is based on knowing why or what one lives for.

    To change people’s lives, first start by changing yours.

    My life is like a book, every day a page, every hour a new text, every minute a word, and in this second a yes or no that can change my story.

    Never give up because you have run into an obstacle! Challenges are the spice of life!

Positive quotes for the day

    At school you get the lesson and then you take the exam. In life you do the test and then you get the lesson.

    Life is a journey in which Jesus is the way, the Holy Spirit is the burden and God the Father is the point of arrival.

    Reason directs my actions but the heart directs my life.

    Live every moment of your life as if it were the only one.

    One of the best things in life are the wonderful surprises in store for us.

    Only by freeing our mind from its limitations can we free our life!

Positive thoughts quotes

    In life there is always a purpose, and mine is to live it as it should be.

    We urgently need to convince ourselves that happiness does not kill, but sadness kills life.

    In life everything that is material is superficial and only the happiness that we live and provide matters.

    If success in life is the result of your decisions, don’t leave the most important things to chance.

    Our little smiles from everyday life are great achievements that we will keep for life.

    Resigning yourself to a sad life is to see, after the rain, a black and white rainbow.

Positive quotes for women

    Life is a wonderful path for those who strive every day to live well with it.

    Life has given me a beautiful gift that I want to take care of and preserve for the rest of my days.

    Life is not difficult to live if you live it according to the will of your heart!

    Always find time to do what makes you happy. frases de amor

    There is nothing that limits life more and makes it poorer than fear.

    Sometimes it is at the most uncertain moment when life offers us what we are looking for so much.

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