Positive captions

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Positive captions

  – Positive captions,   “Nothing can prevent a man of good attitude from reaching his goal; and nothing in this world can help a man with a bad attitude ”(Thomas Jefferson).

    “You will find meaning in life if you believe it” (Osho).

-Positive captions

    “A positive attitude generates a chain reaction of positive thoughts, positive events and positive results. It is a catalyst and triggers extraordinary effects ”(Wade Boggs).

    “El optimismo es la fe que conduce al logro; nada puede realizarse sin esperanza” (Helen Keller).

    “Your attitude, and not your aptitude, is what will determine your altitude” (Zig Ziglar).

Positive captions
Positive captions

    “Your life is not determined so much by what happens to you, but by your attitude towards it; not so much because of the events, but because of the way you appreciate them ”(Khalil Gibran).

    “Love is that micro-moment of warmth and connection that we share with another living being” (Barbara L. Fredrickson).

    “Having a positive attitude is asking yourself how something can be done, rather than saying it can’t be done” (Bo Bennett).

Good vibes phrases

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The value of optimism

Short positive phrases and famous quotes to live day to day with optimism:

    “You will find meaning in life if you believe it” (Osho).

    “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; nothing can be accomplished without hope ”(Hellen Keller).

Positive captions
Positive captions

    “Happiness tends to sneak through a door that you didn’t know you had left open” (John Barrymore).

    “In life there are as many special occasions as there are times we choose to celebrate them

    The product of our optimism is, in part, in the way we look at it ”(Robert Braul).

The value of being grateful

Famous motivational phrases

Positive phrases to enhance living with gratitude.

    “Develop an attitude of gratitude and be grateful for everything that happens to you, because each step brings you closer to achieving something greater, which is better for your current situation” (Brian Tracy).

    “If we exaggerate our joys, as we do with our sorrows, our problems would lose importance” (Anatole France).

Positive captions
Positive captions

    Cast off sadness and melancholy. Life is kind, it has only a few days and only now we have to enjoy it ”(Federico García Lorca).

    “No llores porque se acabó, sonríe porque sucedió” (Gabriel García Márquez).

Positive captions

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The courage to overcome frustration

    “Where one door closes, another opens” (Don

    Quijote de la Mancha, by Miguel de Cervantes).

    “Each of my mistakes were seeds” (Alejandro Jodorowsky). “Thinking positive implies doing a new reading on what we understand by mistakes. They are never a path to nowhere but, in any case, to the opportunity to learn from experience ”.

Best quotes of the day

    “If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade” (Dale Carnegie).

    “Every problem has in its hands a gift for you. It is the paradox that lives in challenges ”(Richard Bach).

    “Failure is a good opportunity to start over with more intelligence” (Henry Ford).

The value of effort and will


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