Motivational quotes for students

Motivational quotes for students 25-You must do the things you think you cannot do.-Eleanor Roosevelt. -Be brave enough to live creatively. The creative place where no one has been.-Alan Alda. Motivational quotes for students Motivational quotes for students -Do you want to know who you are? Do not ask. Take action! The action will delineate… Leer más »

Motivational quotes

Motivational quotes I leave you the best inspirational phrases, which you can use to reflect and be inspired when you need it. Its authors are well-known characters in history, such as Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Buddha, and many more. Motivational quotes The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot… Leer más »

Tumblr quotes short

Tumblr quotes short The happiness of our lives depends on the quality of our thoughts A phrase attributed to Marco Aurelio. Relate the idea of ​​happiness with the mindset with which we interpret the world. Tumblr quotes short 52. Happiness cannot be obtained by wanting to be happy. It must appear as an unintended consequence… Leer más »

Tumblr quotes about love

Tumblr quotes about love 33. Freedom is in owning our own life (Plato) Freedom is one of the concepts most widely studied by philosophers. Here, Plato explains to us what is the key to being free. 34. I would give everything I know, for half of what I do not know (René Descartes) Tumblr quotes… Leer más »

Tumblr quotes happy

Tumblr quotes happy 34. Awe awaits us at every corner A way to connect the exciting with what we are used to in principle, by James Broughton. 35. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened One of the classic phrases of happiness from the famous architect of children’s stories, Dr. Seuss. Tumblr quotes… Leer más »

Tumblr quotes love

Tumblr quotes love 26. Friendship doubles joys and splits heartbreak in half (Francis Bacon) An undeniable truth: life is less harsh when we spend it near people who love us genuinely. 27. Only he who builds the future has the right to judge the past (Friedrich Nietzsche) Tumblr quotes love Tumblr quotes love Nietzsche left… Leer más »

Love quotes shakespeare

Love quotes shakespeare Every time I say goodbye to you, my heart asks when I will see you again. I know that you are my special person since you do not leave me even in my dreams. A distance separates us but two hearts unite us, yours and mine. Love quotes Shakespeare If you think… Leer más »

Tumblr quotes depression

Tumblr quotes depression 51. There is no greater pain than needing and losing something you know you will never be able to replace. There are people or experiences in our life that are irreplaceable, but deep down they are all because each one of them is unique and unrepeatable. Tumblr quotes depression 52. Nothing thicker… Leer más »

Tumblr quotes deep

Tumblr quotes deep 16. Smile because you had the opportunity, cry because you lost it. And that’s what life is all about, a bittersweet path full of good and bad experiences. 17. I smile and that’s not why I’m happy, because sometimes I smile to hide sadness. One of the saddest phrases, because sometimes smiles… Leer más »

Tumblr quotes sad

Tumblr quotes sad Unfortunately sadness is one of the strongest feelings that people can experience, and many authors have reflected on melancholy and pain. We selected 65 sad phrases that express pain, disappointment and sadness, reflecting what we feel in moments of heartbreak and heartbreak. Tumblr quotes sad These sad phrases will touch your heart… Leer más »