Love quotes

por | 15 julio, 2020

Love quotes Today we will share with you the best Love quotes

Can you kiss me I promise to return it to you.
Wherever, however, but together.

Love quotes

Falling in love is like wanting to jump into the void.
She was a smart girl who fell in love like an idiot.
Our bodies rhyme.

I want to see you and my desire knows it.
There are no nicer nerves than when you see the person you like.
Loving without possessing. Accompany without invading. Live without depending.
Love is, no more and no less, what I feel being by your side.
With you I forget all my problems.
Where some only see flowers, others see love stories.
Wherever we go, with you it will be paradise.
You are my favorite song.
I like you inside and beast.
Love without comparisons, love without expectations.
Love consists of a soul present in two bodies, and a heart that resides in two souls
The first time I saw your smile I knew that was the smile I always wanted to see when I woke up for the rest of my life.

Motivational quotes

I like hugs in which your eyes are accidentally closed.
You like that so much.
You are like a song in English. I don’t understand half of what you say, but I really like you.
If you were given a choice between a night with Mario Casas or a plate of croquettes – would you order them with chicken or mushrooms?
And one day, your name didn’t make me smile anymore.
The heart has reasons that only your WhatsApp friendship group knows.
I only need 3 things to be happy: the sun for the day, the moon for the night and you for life.
And suddenly all the love songs talk about you.

Quotes about love

Forget about butterflies. I feel the whole zoo when I am with you.
If he wants you in pajamas and without makeup, he deserves you in a dress and with heels.
Thanks for being there when I needed you the most.
I like it when we are – plural.
If I ever write the book of my life, don’t be surprised if your name appears as the protagonist.
True love is being happy for sharing dessert.
I never knew I had a dream, until that dream was you.

Love quotes for him

Live, enjoy, love, kiss … Repeat.
There is no one like you. Neither here nor in Honolulu.
How nice it is to look at that person and feel that you don’t need anything else.
Loving without haste but without pause.
If you are going to give me something, give me time and adventures together. The rest I already buy.

Love quotes

If you have nothing to say, smile!
I love you It is all that I know.
Someday I will explain to you by kisses why my soul trembles when you look at me.
Travel to Mars or the next corner. But with you.
You can’t start the next chapter if you keep reading the previous one.
I want a summer love that lasts at least 50 winters.
I learned to hide the crying like a mother who does not want to trace her grief on you.
All I need is a little time and a lot of you.
I would rather be hated for what I am than loved for what I am not.
House rules: get very angry, know how to forgive, scream only with joy, kiss 1000 times a day, and laugh out loud.

Motivational quotes

The distance prevents kissing us, but does not stop loving us.
I’ve heard that you like bad girls … Well, I’m bad – in everything.
Our love has no expiration date.
Loving is knowing how to wait the necessary time.
My great love will always be you.
What does a universe like you do on a planet like this?
I have eyes full of desire to see you.
Some of your silences break the sound barrier.
I could tell you anything … But if you look at the way I look at you, you should already know everything.
In this house you dream beautiful.
I am not perfect but I am loyal.


Pleasure is measured in orgasms. Love in kisses.
Many times the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.
Before asking yourself why someone doesn’t like you, ask yourself why you care about liking him.
We learn from mistakes. I am a professor in shitting it.
If love squeezes, it is not your size.
And from making her laugh so much, he ended up falling in love with her.
Thank the drop that filled the glass. It is the seed of change that you asked for so much.
The heart is that place where your dreams, your illusions are. The problems are in your head, not in your heart.

Love quotes in Spanish

Your smile is paradise.
It shows to kilometers who wants you to centimeters.
I want to have so many photos that we lack albums and we have memories.
It is not who accompanies you but how your soul caresses.
It is very fashionable to learn to solar but we forget to hold, repair, care, love and not run away when everything gets complicated.
The heart keeps what the soul touches.

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