Love quotes for him in english

por | 26 junio, 2020

Love quotes for him in english , We have a list of romantic phrases with which you can win and captivate the feelings of the person you love and you can also use them as compliments.
The phrases you send are proof of how much you care about that person, so you should always send them romantic messages and dedications.

Love quotes for him in english

Love quotes for him in english

By day I am thinking of you and at night I dream of loving each other until eternity.
I only knew love when I saw you, and that’s why I decided to love you forever.
The love I feel for you I could feel since you came into my life.
I want to seduce every part of you and gradually have you next to me.
Life made us meet, now it is up to us to live it, until life ends.

Love quotes

With each passing day I can’t help but think about you because every time I think about you I feel closer.
It will be because of your smile or your eyes, but every day I think of you.
I wake up very early to enjoy the sunrise, start my day thinking and thanking your love.
I love you and I will never tire of doing it.
All my thoughts are for you, since you came to me.
You raised me, you taught me and when I thought you couldn’t give me more, you gave me your love, thank you.

Quotes about love

Our love is the best medicine that touched the deepest part of my heart.
All my life is so beautiful because you are in it.
I like to kiss you with passion and have you deep in my heart.
You are perfect and also the only woman whose mouth I like to kiss.
I know that we are very in love just based on seeing the way we look at ourselves.

And that’s how we fell in love without even knowing our names.
She is much better than I dreamed of.
And all the love I have stays with you, although I am no longer by your side.
The most beautiful thing to love is to love and be loved, now I just want to continue loving you.

Romantic quotes

Being in your arms for me is a dream, it’s like touching the stars.
I would like to send you many kisses but I can’t and that’s why she sent you many romantic phrases.

Love quotes for him tumblr hindi

And you will always be the person with whom I fell in love, yesterday, today and tomorrow.
I would rather have loved until the last moment than not have loved.
You may not know it but every time I think of you before bed I dream of you.

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