Good morning wednesday inspirational quotes

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Good morning wednesday inspirational quotes

In order to enjoy a fuller life, experts recommend exercise, health and social relationships. But what many don’t mention is that feeling like a better person is one of the keys to achieving it.

Good morning wednesday inspirational quotes
Good morning wednesday inspirational quotes

We always have to achieve a midpoint between helping ourselves and helping others, that is the key point for a healthy self-esteem and a good emotional and social balance, according to Jordi Isidro Molina, director of Cedipte-Psychology, an expert in anxiety and mood.

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“You have to generate happiness and know how to give happiness, you have to find the right dose for each one. Strengthen forgiveness, compassion and gratitude, and you will become strong in the face of life’s problems and you will feel good about yourself,” says the expert to Business Insider Spain.

Hello wednesday quotes
Hello wednesday quotes

Cristina Ropero and Sonia Rodríguez, psychologists from Heroicamente Psicología, explain to this medium that a large part of the survival of human beings is due to the fact that we are a social species.

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“It makes a lot of sense, therefore, that when we perform altruistic or genuine actions directed towards others, they make us feel good. So we could be talking about an evolutionary issue when we adopt a positive attitude towards the people around us “, they explain.

The experts add that this can be based on seemingly simple small actions that give human value to our interpersonal relationships and show empathy towards our immediate environment.

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“It is those small daily details that, ultimately, show our ability to be generous and empathize with others, and those that also serve us to feel fulfilled and satisfied with ourselves,” they indicate from the Psonríe platform.

These are some of those small habits that you can put into practice, according to experts in the field:

Greet and say goodbye with a smile.

Help someone carry something.

Open a door and give way.

Support and listen to someone who needs it.

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Praise and thank someone for their work.

Apologize if you hurt someone.

Wednesday gym quotes
Wednesday gym quotes

Accept the reality of what surrounds you.

Infect and let yourself be infected by the positive people around you ?and stay away from people who bring you toxicity?.

Convey joy to those around you.

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Be socially assertive.

Make the purchase thinking about those products that your partner likes.

Leaving the other person the most comfortable chair or seat when arriving at a restaurant.

Remember something they have told you and ask about it, as well as being respectful of their opinions.

Carmen Rodríguez, director of the psychological intervention area at Affor Health, clarifies that defining these habits can be complicated because it involves subjective assessments and other cultural factors are also involved.

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In general, if we refer to prosocial behaviours, and specifically to helping behaviour, it is modulated by our motivation, our personality traits and the perception of the costs and benefits of helping versus those of not acting.

According to Rodríguez, helping and cooperative behaviors in the workplace promote emotional well-being and improve the productivity of teams as a whole.

There are 3 types of employees and this is the most sought after by companies, according to an expert in social psychology

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But the most important thing is not to expect anything in return. As they explain from Psonríe, when doing a good deed we should not expect anything in return.

If we believe that by helping another person they will owe us something, they will have to return the favor or do something that benefits us, we can end up becoming frustrated if this does not finally happen.

Frustration and that feeling that we don’t get what we deserve will nullify all the benefits that initial good behavior could have given us.

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Despite this, they add, the truth is that doing things for others brings the most benefits to ourselves.

For example, when we thank someone for something, we feel proud for being able to recognize the good in others and this reinforces our self-concept, making us value ourselves in a more positive way, point out from Psonríe.

In the same way, when we carry out a gesture of solidarity, our confidence and self-esteem are boosted. This behavior releases endorphins, hormones that decrease cortisol levels and, therefore, stress.

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