Top 5 Simple Animals cute Drawings easy That Are Absolutely Adorable

por | 14 diciembre, 2023

Top 5 Simple Animals cute Drawings easy That Are Absolutely Adorable

As an introduction to the method for learning to draw caricatures, we tell you that the basic point is to detect the most important and striking elements in the face love quotes . They can be thick lips, very big eyes, raised ears, a prominent nose, for example love quotes .

Having this aspect clear, then you are in a position to begin the work of the caricature.

It starts with the shape of the head and face. We all have a feature in the shape of our face. It may have marked jaws, an elongated, rounded face and love quotes .

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Once the shape of the face has been drawn, we move on to the internal features: the eyes are a very characteristic element within each face, therefore much of the resemblance to the original will have to do with getting the eyes right love quotes . The size, shape and expression of the eyes are the elements to achieve.

Other features of the cartoon

The nose and mouth are other elements of the face that can be defining when it comes to making the caricature similar to the original. The shape of the lips, whether they are full or thin, whether they have a smiling or angry expression and love quotes , whether the mouth is large or small in relation to the mouth, the position and shape of the teeth have to be captured in the drawing when it comes to drawing. make caricatures for photos successfully. The same goes for the nose: from an aquiline nose to a straight nose there is a big difference. Whether it is large or small, wide or narrow, these are the characteristics that should be highlighted in the face that is being caricatured.

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The final features left to complete the caricature are the ears and hair. Copying the shape and arrangement of these will determine a good result in the caricature good night .

This is just an introductory guide. Now it’s your turn to show up in front of the blank paper, choose a photo, and start practicing. If it doesn’t work out the first time, it’s normal. To learn to draw, it is essential to have patience and perseverance. Little by little you will see the results and notice the differences when making caricatures for photos.

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