Best yearbook quotes

por | 25 diciembre, 2021

Best yearbook quotes

Best yearbook quotes, sense of humor is like asses, everyone has one (and some suck), so what are funny phrases for some are boring for others. Here we bring such a large collection of funny phrases that we bet our liver that there is at least one that will make you laugh, regardless of your type of humor.

Best yearbook quotes

We have selected the quotes that seem funniest to us, regardless of whether whoever said them intended to be humorous or not. We hope you like them too.

Best yearbook quotes
Best yearbook quotes

    1 Funny phrases from everyday life

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    2 Phrases to laugh (from famous people)

    3 Short funny phrases

        3.1 Funny phrases on video

Funny phrases from everyday life

For this post we bring a lot of funny phrases from life . They are phrases that circulate on the Internet and that you may have read before, or perhaps not. In any case, they are ideal to be funny in front of friends, family or potential partners.

    Women like quiet men because they think they are listening.

    Some people are only alive …, because murder is illegal …

funny devil quotes

    Get married in the afternoon and you won’t have wasted the whole day.

    Two words that will open many doors for you: push and pull.

    The human brain is capable of reminding you that you forget something, but it is such a bastard that it does not tell you what.

    The fairest distribution is that of intelligence: Everyone thinks they have enough.

    In the movies the best way for a detective to solve a crime is to remove him from the case.

    These days it takes a lot of ingenuity to commit original sin.

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