Travel phrases as a couple

por | 17 enero, 2020

Looking for some traveling phrase, something to say to your other half to convince him to travel? Here are the best travel phrases as a couple:

110. Never travel with someone you don’t love.

111. Travel tends to magnify all human emotions.
112. Stay with who invites you to travel.

113. There is no safer way to know if you like or hate the person traveling with them.

114. A trip is like marriage. The sure way to be wrong is to think you control it.
115. A smile cannot change the world but your smile changes my world.

116. I want to kiss you in every corner of the world.
7. Phrases of traveling alone

How about a few travel phrases to encourage you to travel alone? If you’re still undecided about traveling alone, it’s something that I recommend (and I’m not the only one) to do.

You have a lot of info on how to travel alone in this article: tips to enjoy your first trip alone

117. When traveling, you make a trip to yourself.

118. There is no trip that does not change something.

119. Who wants to travel happily, must travel light.

120. Traveling is my best therapy.

121. If nobody wants to travel, don’t wait for someone to travel with you.

Few dare to leave the comfort zone, but outside are the great rewards.

122. Travel far enough to find yourself.

123. An investment in a trip is an investment in yourself.

124. There is nothing like going back to a place that has not changed, to realize how much you have changed.

125. Traveling is not a matter of money, but of courage

8. Travel phrases with you

Would you like to convince someone to travel with you? Well, here I leave you a few inspirational phrases to decide to travel with you.

126. In life it is not where you go. If not, who are you going with?

127. A trip is better measured in friends than in kilometers.

128. Go wherever you go, it becomes somehow part of you.
129. Travel, because in the end we only take memories.

130. We are all travelers in this world and the best we can find is an honest friend.

131. Travel tends to magnify all emotions.

132. We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.

133. Just traveling is rather boring, but traveling with you is exciting.

134. Let’s travel together!

135. The one traveling alone travels faster. The one who goes accompanied travels further.

136. I would love to see the world with you by my side.
9. Phrases of the world

And here are a few traveling phrases that have to do with our world. The phrases of the world that will encourage you to discover it. I hear the zippers of your suitcase / backpack …

137. Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been.

138. Traveling makes one modest. You see the small place you occupy in the world.

139. People travel because they learn things that they could not learn otherwise.

140. Traveling is discovering that everyone is wrong about other countries.

141. I am not the same having seen the moon from the other side of the world.

142. There is a lot of difference between traveling to see countries and to see villages.
143. I have not been to all places in the world, but they are on my list.

144. Traveling and changing places in the world imparts new vigor to the mind.

145. If traveling were free, you would probably never see me again.

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