Love quotes and passion in the couple

By | 9 septiembre, 2017


Love and passion are two of the most popular feelings in relationships, however they are very different things, without both you can not have a lasting couple nor happiness. Love is a setimiento that is present in all relationships as family, sibling couple, friends, co-workers and also with nusetra couple. However the passion is only in the relations of pair, and also in the relationships setimientables.


Some amor people usually lack any of them and it is there when the problem arises and the unhappiness in the couple, nevertheless in this article we will give a series of explanations and tricks to be able to improve both the love and the passion in the couple.



One of the tips to improve the passion in the couple although it seems simple is to make gifts or small presents every day, this not only help the person feel more loved but love your boyfriend or husband even more Thank these gifts.

Another way to increase the passion in the couple is to share these images of love that we share in our blog every day. It is not only a series of beautiful pictures and photos, you can also share them on social networks or you can also send them by e-mail.



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