Buenos Aires is projected as a city eco tourism

By | 11 octubre, 2016


Argentina is one of the countries tourist more important of America Latin, thanks to the influence of million of immigrants that arrived to those lands is that this destination wonderful has with an architecture classic also mixed with art deco and a rich heritage historical cultural as few countries of the world it have.


The Buenos Aires city as well mentioned by some since it began thanks to the port activity of past centuries, boasts more than 69 districts but nevertheless is often tell the city that has the 100 neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.


Although tourism in this city offers a vast and varied, according to some news in recent years and while this city has more than 10 million inhabitants, is turning to eco-tourism, where there are some experiences and walks very good by ecological reserves, as to which is located in the South of the city waterfront , as well as also activities, visits to farms located near the city, bike rides through the woods of Palermo, and also guided tours making long walks through the city, a way very ecology and easy to learn.
Buenos Aires culture


It culture is one of the main features that stand out to the city of Buenos Aires, whose name arises of them first religious that came to that place and it called our Lady of the good air. Also one of their neighborhoods more precisely the neighborhood of Recoleta, is baptized that way thanks to the recoletos monks who built a chapel in that area of the city.


With regards to nightlife the city has a great variety of shows, from international concerts and clubs where you can learn to dance tango and milonga and Tango. In the neighborhood of Barracas and the mouth there is some Tango classic and milongas where besides try the classic roasted Creole and drinking a cup of came also is may see a wonderful show of tango.


Last you a few months of the year and according to government information are usually perform rock concerts and several national and international music festivals also Buenos Aires is the capital of Tango there develops numerous events related to this typical musical style, especially in some neighborhoods of the city such as La Boca, Barracas, and also some more modern Tango that have been located in Palermo or Recoleta neighborhood.


While buenos Aires is a city very cosmopolitan and that also is an of them more large of America Latin, the same has numerous spaces green, between which is include the coastal South, coastal North and them forests of Palermo. In these last is develop numerous activities as it can be activities of hiking, strolls in bicycle, or also trekking urban.


Every day more outings not so classic by the Government of the city such as boat trips by the delta of the neighborhood of Puerto Madero will encourage, the municipality performs during the summer free rides on boats which depart from the dock of Puerto Madero. Also there is can visit the frigate Urquiza an of the more emblematic and historical of the country. The entry leaves less than a dollar and you can tour throughout its interior.
Buenos Aires tourism


The city has these green areas which allow not only to the inhabitants of the same beautiful walks but that also there are many activities. Those wishing to take a break or just do the exercises of the day can come to run or walk or ride a bike. Palermo forests have bike path very well marked s and circuits already pre designed.


About the parks that are on the coasts, these are a hostel for the flora and fauna of the city, there is also a reserve very good ecology that you can visit every day on a schedule from 10 in the morning until the afternoon. In the coastal South, is made rides in cars ecological which travel a circuit and paseana them tourists by all the Park achieving know of this form its beauties natural to banks of the river of the silver.


The Ministry of tourism performs free and guided tours in parks of Palermo as well as parks and reserves of the North Coast and South. In both parks tend to do activities such as bird watching, fishing, hiking, lectures on flora and fauna of Argentina etc. A wide range of activities as well as entertainment harp making.


In addition to these ecological tours Argentina also tends to make religious, and themed walks such as rides dad Francisco which covers Congress and Montserrat districts by the churches which Pope Francisco used to frequent and religious celebrations.

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