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By | 23 mayo, 2017



Ariana Grande Manchester recently gave a concert where a Manchester attack took place. At that concert, many young people and even many children had attended their families. This serious attack in the English city of Manchester was one of the most terrifying. Was made in recent years.

In that concert there were thousands of people who were affected and many of them were injured. Ariana Grande is a singer whose audience is mostly teenager and young and the singer is of Italian origin but born in the United States, and has performed many children’s programs on various television channels in the United States.

The race of Ariana Grande has been very successful however this attack of Ariana Grande in Manchester has been a very negative effect in its artistic race and in its concert. Ariana Grande Manchester is a very dark step in the career of this singer and undoubtedly also the English city, where there may be no more concerts in the coming years.





Ariana Grande Manchester

Ariana Grande Manchester



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